The forgotten obligation to the fans

It’s time for people to accept the NHL All-Star game for what it is. The All-Star game comes with the rich tradition of being scheduled every year since 1947 and only being missed six times. It has long given fans a display of the greatest players to ever play the game. Showcasing the greatest players […]


The Rebirth of Shimmy

If you happened to glance over the Memphis Grizzlies’ roster heading into this season you may or may not have been surprised to find Antoine Walker’s name penciled in amongst the plethora of young talent assembled in Tennessee. To the untrained eye, his addition to the team was undertaken simply to make the salaries balance […]


You can’t buy championships

Last week, Mark Attanasio, owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, said in an e-mail interview with Bloomberg News that baseball “might need a salary cap.” As expected, a flurry of rumours and speculation popped up on most sports news sites from every corner of the internet. The comment stemmed from the New York Yankees’ signings of […]


Fighting in Hockey: The Sport that Evolution Forgot

Before you start reading this, go outside and punch your neighbour in the face. It doesn’t matter which one. No, don’t worry, I’ll wait… Done? Okay, good. Do you feel better? I bet your friends are pretty jazzed right now – I am. You’re a tank. After an otherwise boring day, it’s nice to see […]


Pain for Pleasure

There are few constant truths in the world of professional sports. No one stays at the top forever, and no formula guarantees success every time. All that is certain is that one way or another you have to give up something of potential value in order to get something else. What you get in return […]


The tortured life of a Bills fan

It can’t be easy being a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo fans eat, sleep and breathe football and they worship the ground that their Bills walk on and the field that they play on. Every Sunday, Buffalo fans flock to Ralph Wilson Stadium – or the local bar should it be an away game […]


The Good Point presents: The Pointies

As Wednesday’s NHL action came to a close earlier this week, all 30 teams had played half of their season. Now is usually a good time to gauge how a team is going to finish, which players are going to flourish and which players are on their way to becoming obsolete. It marks the time […]


The Cost of Contending

We all know the story of Kurt Warner. He started at quarterback for only a single year in college, playing for an unheralded Northern Iowa Panthers program. Unsurprisingly, the NFL failed to come calling in 1994. After missing a year of competitive play, Warner never gave up his efforts at getting a shot at the […]


Stop, pay attention to the Detroit Pistons immediately

As the mathematical midway point of the NBA season inches closer and closer, it’s hard to refrain from gauging how particular teams stack up against those of yesteryear. With every flip of the calendar, the sample from which we draw our opinions becomes more and more telling of the true basketball landscape. Adversely, just days […]


Away with democracy

Over the past two months I have made cases for the players which I believe deserve to represent their franchises in February’s talent showcase in Phoenix. My selections have been based on both speculation and merit, and as such have been accompanied by statistical analysis, popularity considerations, and an overall examination of their value to […]