Fred Lewis: Making a name in Toronto

“Fred Lewis is just going to be one of the guys coming off the bench and we’ll try to get him in there once in a while as much as I can.” That was a quote from head coach Cito Gaston the day after the Toronto Blue Jays acquired the outfielder from the San Francisco […]


Winnipeg to Phoenix and back again?

James Balsillie never had it this close. On May 11, news leaked out that the NHL’s schedule-makers had drafted a proposed schedule that included a team based out of Winnipeg – could it be a sign that the NHL may be prepared for some movement? A recent vote by the Glendale city council means that […]


Habs, Flyers: It all comes down to destiny

Destiny – the only word that can be used to whole-heartedly describe the Eastern Conference Final match-up between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Montreal Canadiens. What other word in the English language can encapsulate 2010’s edition of the NHL Playoffs and its uncanny ability to present jaw-dropping moment after jaw-dropping moment? The best part is […]


Getting the keys to the Jags

With the NFL’s offseason in full swing and the draft in the rearview mirror, it’s time to assess how each team shapes up not just for next season, but for the foreseeable future. With the draft at the forefront of the discussion, perhaps no team has received more ridicule than the Jacksonville Jaguars. As an […]

Other Sports

Whining without words: The Anderson Silva saga

UFC 112 was supposed to be a spectacular night in MMA history; instead fans and proponents of the sport were left confused and looking for answers from the man who has been dubbed “the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world.” Held in Abu Dhabi, 112 was the first ever UFC event held in […]


Latest Raptors all-star nears extinction

The best and the worst thing about social media is how it removes the barriers between fans and athletes. There is little – if any – buffer between the two which means there’s no room for error. That’s why when Chris Bosh sent out two tweets a few evenings ago asking if he should leave […]