Off-field bond integral to Brewers’ bullpen’s success

The Milwaukee Brewers’ bullpen was a driving force behind the team’s success in 2011. Formed primarily from the remnants of the unsuccessful group from 2010, it took minor additions to turn the group of one of the worst reliever corps into one of the best.


Kyle Turris – Doomed to the life of a Desert Dog?

Only recently has Kyle Turris ended his long holdout and signed a contract with the Phoenix Coyotes, but the deal was for less than he wanted, and he’s forced to continue playing for an organization that he’s unimpressed with. Will the missed time hurt his development?


From Anger to Apathy: How the NBA lost sight of big picture

The NBA lockout has been running on for months, but there’s been a surprising amount of apathy where the every day fan is concerned. Percentage points between millionaires and billionaires mean little to the Average Joe. Even if the league salvages a season, will anybody care?


Vancouver hosting another championship, but a very different one

The Canadian Football League is Canada’s answer to the NFL, and its championship game – the Grey Cup – plays out this Sunday between the B.C. Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Sure, there’s many differences between the CFL and NFL style of play, but does that make the Canadian version any worse?

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A guide to life in the sports Twitter-verse

The Good Point’s Jesse Goldberg-Strassler is no fool when it comes to sports, or Twitter. He’s prepared a primer of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to building your brand in the Sports Twitter-verse, and like everything on Twitter, it’s free!

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Lysistrata Jones: Filling the basketball void left by the NBA lockout

“Lysistrata Jones” is a Broadway play that combines unsuccessful basketball with Greek comedy. The woes of decades worth of losses forces one player to come up with an unconventional way to turn fortunes around, and The Good Point’s Mark Milner breaks down the play.


A year in the life of Hank Greenberg

Hank Greenberg had a Hall of Fame career spent almost entirely with the Detroit Tigers. However, he finished as a member of the National League’s Pittsburgh Pirates. That season wouldn’t have impacted his Hall of Fame membership, but it was still one to remember.


Questioning the balance of power at NCAA-driven schools

The Penn State scandal has rocked the sporting world to its core, causing many to question – more than usual – just how impactful and influential sporting programs at these universities are. Should school administrations be more accountable, or does the power that these programs yield justify their actions?


Occupy the Neutral Zone takes over Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers literally played to a standstill last week, polarizing the NHL in regards to whether the 1-3-1 trap play should be allowed. But with no rules against the style, are we at risk of more boring hockey?


The Oilers and their reconstructed Bulin Wall

The Edmonton Oilers are currently sitting atop the standings; a spot they haven’t enjoyed since their dynasty-like run in the 80s. A lot of credit goes to the emerging core of young stars, but some kudos must be reserved for 38-year-old Nikolai Khabibulin, who is enjoying yet another run carrying a team from worst to first.