Coach: The Pat Burns Story (2012)

Pat Burns’s legacy is an interesting one. The man who spent 14 years as a head coach in the NHL, spent with four different franchises, is perhaps most known for the teams he didn’t have the most success with. Even before his untimely passing in 2010 at the age of 58, there was a strong push to get him into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Now, Rosie DiManno attempts to capture his life and works, but the finished product falls just short of hitting the mark.


Just who are these Falcons?

Despite some excellent regular season success, the Atlanta Falcons have been surprisingly disappointing in the playoffs. Matt Ryan is winless in his postseason career, and while his Falcons look like they’re on their way to another playoff berth, their advanced statistics are showing that they may in fact have their worst team in years. Can they turn things around, or will history repeat itself once again?


How to win at the Winter Meetings

There’s a lot more that goes on at the baseball Winter Meetings than just GMs of the MLB teams shuffling players on their rosters. With a complete who’s who of baseball decision-makers in attendance, the Meetings are the perfect place for you to get your start in the wonderful world of professional baseball. Get the inside scoop on how to land a job from a man who did it himself: Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.


Now comes life

The starting point here should be Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, but it won’t be. I’ll start it with the starting point to Florio’s comments, rather, I’ll start it with the Charles Tillman. Tillman, a 10-year cornerback with the Chicago Bears, is currently enjoying perhaps his finest season in the NFL. He has made 56 […]


The best and worst basketball games ever

From realism to ridiculousness, basketball games have had some of the most diverse styles among any sports game. Some games were amazing, keeping the controller glued to your hand for weeks, while others were so bad that playing them at all took years off your life. Which are the greatest of all time? Which are the worst? PJ Carr lets you know.


Don’t Rock The Boat: Why it’s too soon to give up on the Carrier Classic

Despite struggles with weather, the Carrier Classic is too much of a boost to revenues and reputation to be cancelled, which is why the NCAA has scheduled even more of these games for 2012. But is it time for these games to move indoors?


Driving up the interest while driving down the odds

For some, sitting back and watching a favorite team is enough to get them through the day, but for many others, something else is needed. Enter sports betting. Whether you like it or not, gambling on sports raises the interest in a game or event to a new level. Trying to predict the outcome makes the game itself more exciting. And the Toronto Blue Jays have recently positioned themselves as one of the most exciting teams in baseball.


The best in the world

As the NHL lockout drags on, fans in North America continue to bemoan the fact that they can’t watch the game they love. However, that’s not entirely true. Many NHL players have made the trip overseas and are thriving in the KHL and various European leagues, and many of the games are broadcast on television and the internet. Finally, the world is getting a taste of the world’s best hockey players.


Who cares about the MVP, anyway?

The American League MVP race was essentially between two candidates, which ended up not being fair to the rest of the field. As a Blue Jays fan, Mark Milner felt slighted, not hearing anything about Edwin Encarnacion, who ended up finishing offensively-far back in voting. But does the award truly mean anything, or is it just a glorified news story for the media to debate to fill content?


Impetuous offseason predictions

The craziness of the Blue Jays-Marlins trade has led to some wild and rampant speculation about what this could mean for baseball this offseason. Because this trade looks so one-sided, at least as far as an immediate impact goes, Harlan Ambrose has looked into his not-so-crystal ball to see what else this winter holds for MLB.