Roy Oswalt: Re-learning the game at Triple-A

When the Texas Rangers brought castoff pitcher Roy Oswalt into the fold and sent him to Triple-A for some grooming, many people scratched their heads. With a starting rotation as good as Texas’, what were they going to do with an aging righty? However, look closer at the numbers and you’ll see that Oswalt’s abilities may be more necessary than expected. Josh Doan breaks it down.


Schedule may spoil NFC West progress

Simply put, the NFC West was awful last season, with all four teams in the division finishing below .500. Even with the 7-9 division champion Seahawks’ run in the playoffs, many people were calling for the NFL to review the seeding system for the league. But that’s not to say the division has no hope. As the NFL (finally) […]


In Pegula They Trust: The Sabres Story

The city of Buffalo has a reputation in the North American sporting realm. It’s not a good one; it has a status of sports futility. It is known across the continent for its ineptitude rather than any sort of storied history. The city’s two major sports teams — the Bills and the Sabres — have never won […]


The subtle return of the Arizona Diamondbacks

It’s hard to focus on a team coming off their worst season in team history, but the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks have already shocked the baseball world by posting a 41-34 record so far. The easily forgotten franchise is tied with the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants for first place in the NL West. […]


Scott Stevens on Paul Kariya revisited

The date is June 7, 2003. The New Jersey Devils and Anaheim Mighty Ducks are duelling in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The previous five games were won by the home team, setting up a pivotal game in Anaheim where the Ducks looked to send the series back to Jersey tied at three. […]


Attendance wars: Tampa Bay vs. the Rays

One would think that when a team completes its first winning season in 11 years and first in franchise history, while adding a deep postseason run to the World Series as well, fans would flock to the ball park to see their successful team play. That wasn’t the case with the Tampa Bay Rays in […]


Chicago Bears: Life in the lockout

Among usual NHL and NBA playoff intensity and the progression of baseball season as June approaches, this spring has the added wrinkle of an ongoing NFL lockout making it a unique one for sports fans in many cites. One of those cities in a maelstorm of activity is Chicago. A city with a loyal fan […]


The Goodell, The bad and the ugliness of the 2011 NFL Draft

Your typical NFL fan has many major football dates circled on their calendar: kickoff weekend, rivalry games, and of course the Super Bowl, just to name a few. This past week was one of the largest dates of the year; the NFL Draft. Besides the millions who watched the event from home, some of the most dedicated fans […]


The hindsight guide to March Madness bracket building

Three weeks ago you started with hope, certain, like most, that you had just the right bracket. Today however, you’re a shell of your former self, questioning your faith in major college basketball programs and wondering where it all went wrong. If you’re looking for some answers, here are a few possible explanations as to […]


Deciphering the Bowl Championship Series

This time of year, one cannot go five minutes on American sports television without someone bashing the NCAA’s Bowl Championship Series. The BCS is the current system that college football utilizes to crown an outright national champion. The BCS has been widely criticized since its inception for various reasons. However, from most Canadians’ point of […]