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Betting tips on the MLB season

The Quick Point
July 1, 2013

It’s very much early days yet in the 2013/14 MLB season, but this is no barrier to the arguments and betting about which sides will win the American and National Leagues, or the World Series – indeed many of those debates started virtually as soon as the last season ended. The pre-season odds being released by the bookmakers saw futures betting begin, but this can be a decidedly risky strategy for gambling fans – and already some of those who bet on the Nationals when they topped the pre-season odds may be feeling slightly nervous about that now.

Of course the Nationals are far from out of the running, as they are currently placed around sixth in the World Series odds ranking, at 14/1, but it has not been the start they might have hoped for. The current hot favourites with the bookies are the Detroit Tigers – who took the American League pennant last season, and have strengthened their forward line for the new season. However the more adventurous punter will be looking for the viable bet outside of the favourites, where the odds are long enough to make the return worthwhile – and the Yankees at 20/1 could prove one popular option here. They are undoubtedly an ageing side, but they also have the tradition of success and the winning mentality that this brings. However, given the difficulties in choosing a World Series futures bet this early, you may prefer to wait, watch and play online casino baseball games for the moment.

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