T’was the year 2010

Chris Pope
January 1, 2011

T’was the year 2010 and from Jan to December;
Each month in sports was one to remember.

In college football it was Texas, the Crimson Pride would destroy;
But the Longhorns were hurting without star McCoy.

The Winter Classic saw Flyers/Bruins, a rivalry confirmed;
The Bruins got the winner in overtime from Sturm.

At the Juniors, it was Gold the Americans would win;
An upset over Canada, courtesy of John Carlson.

In Feb, at the Superbowl the Saints and Brees would click;
They started the second half with an onside kick.

It was also the Olympics on Canada’s west coast;
The most gold medals were won by the host.

In hockey’s final game Sid had the golden goal;
Top country honours, Canada held the poll.

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Also in Feb, Tiger said he was sorry;
All his ‘sex-capades’ would make for one heck of a story.

In March, cutting the nets were the Blue Devils from Duke;
They proved that their number one seed was no fluke.

In April on the tour, Mickelson’s jacket turned green;
Tiger finished four back of Phil’s minus-16.

May came next, the Kentucky Derby was the flavor;
The winner of this running was one Super Saver.

In June, going first to the Oilers was Taylor Hall;
In the NBA it was the “dougie-dancin” John Wall.

The Lakers and Celtics then fought a brave bout;
We were reminded Ron Artest had a single coming out.

The Hawks took out the Flyers to win the Cup;
After, Kane said he was going out, hoping to hook-up.

On the diamond, Stephen Strasburg made his debut;
Fourteen Pirate strikeouts soon would ensue.

John Wooden was legendary all over UCLA;
The fourth of June was his final day.

In July, at the World Cup the champs were Spain;
They took out the Dutch to sip the champagne.

On “The Decision” Lebron decided on the Heat;
In Cleveland their love took a backseat.

The Winner of the British Open was a surprising Louis Oosthuizen;
Pronouncing is tough enough, let alone rhyming with Oosthuizen.

The NHL lost the toughest with Bob Probert;
When he was on the ice, everyone was alert.

The Majors lost the Boss, winning was his bottom line;
The Yanks success was, in large thanks, to Big Stein.

The seventh to win all of tennis grand slams was Rafael Nadal;
At the US Open in September Rafa had a ball.

Reggie Bush handed his Heisman back to the committee;
His ex-girlfriend Kim, sure is mighty pretty.

In October, it was a clinic with Doc on the mound;
Halladay pitched a playoff no-no, the talk of the town.

In November he earned the NL Cy Young to go with that;
In the AL, it went to Big Felix and his slightly tilted hat.

The Giants then won the World Series with flare;
Their bullpen had some amazing facial hair.

Another sad day, when Pat Burns died for real;
The last years of his life were quite the ordeal.

To December we go, and welcome home LBJ;
Something Cleveland fans think about every day.

Jeter re-signed in New York to stay a Yankee;
Even if the procedure made him cranky.

That was 2010, it was anything but calm;
to stay up on the new year, keep it locked on TheGoodPoint.com

In the world of sports, the new year looks bright;
So happy 2011 to all and to all a good night.

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The Author:

Chris Pope