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New Sports.ws Layout Designed for Ad-Free Experience

Austin Kent
September 19, 2016

Ads are the worst, I’ll be the first to say so myself, but they’re a harsh reality in today’s online economy. Until two seasons ago they were Sports.ws sole source of income.

What does that mean? It means that they were the only things keeping Sports.ws in business, and without them we would all be slamming our heads against the wall trying to find some sort of stimulation playing rotisserie leagues at Yahoo or ESPN.

Last year though, I figured why should I show users advertisements if I don’t even want to see them myself?

In 2015-16 Sports.ws debuted the first ad-free package, but all it really did was make it so that the ad units didn’t load when you browsed the site.

This year, the entire layout was designed with the Ad-Free Package in mind and the result is the cleanest, fastest-loading layout ever.

In 2016-17, the only ads that anybody ever sees are tucked away in the header and down in the footer. This makes it easy for me to create a half-decent looking layout free of the clutter that jamming ad units within the content of the site brings. If a user wants to ditch the ads altogether, they can do so without seeing obvious white space where ads used to be.

By paying for the ad-free package (just $10 alone, or included in the $20 VIP Package), Sports.ws users can get…

-Faster loading pages because your browser doesn’t need to load the ad code.
-Nicer looking pages, a cleaner layout and less clutter.
-Satisfaction supporting an independent fantasy basketball platform.

Ultimately, if every Sports.ws user opted to pay for the Ad-Free Package, Sports.ws could channel its resources into maintenance and feature development full-time without having to worry about managing advertising networks. That’s the option that would pay the most dividends for long-time fantasy GMs.

Until the day comes that we can convince everybody to make the switch, however, every little bit helps. Those who spring for the $20 VIP Package will get things like Keeper Tools, Power User Tools, Inbox GM compatibility* in addition to the Ad-Free Package as well.

The Author:

Austin Kent

Austin Kent is the Editor-in-Chief of The Good Point and the Sports.ws Network.