Judgment Day nears in Major League Baseball

Tuesday night David Ortiz was moved to the sixth spot in the batting order for the first time in five years. This was a result of weeks of poor play and an alarming absence of power from the previously Ruthian slugger. Major League Baseball is roughly two months into their 2009 season. At this point, […]


Kobe Bryant was born in my backyard

When I was nine years old I had a tree fort. It was pimp. In a sense, it was within those four wooden walls where the thought of this very website was conceived. Amongst those trees late in the summer of 1996 I stumbled upon a revelation that would forever alter the direction of my […]


Tyler Myers: Tower of Power

Compared to the thousands of kids who grow up playing hockey in Canada, an increasing number of American players in the NHL don’t know what it’s like to live in a town or city without the sport as the number one thought come winter. Kelowna defenseman Tyler Myers is an example of the latter having […]


Reality sets in for 2009 Jays

The first six games of the Blue Jays’ current nine game road trip seem to have confirmed what many journalists, fans and even team officials themselves believed at the beginning of the season; that this Toronto club is a team that will struggle all season long. Blessed with an underwhelming schedule for April that saw […]

Hall of Fame

The Spoken Sin in the NHL

With a slew of incidences miring the game of hockey into a fray of apologetic dialogue, the NHL has been rife with questions pertaining to the spectrum of violence and pugilism in the game. Nothing piqued this interest or disdain more so than the nuisance of provocative New York Rangers winger Sean Avery, who had […]

Other Sports

The Price of Entertainment: Remembering Owen Hart

On the night of May 23, 1999, World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Over The Edge” pay-per-view opened with an ominous montage in which The Undertaker – wrestling’s personal Lord of Darkness – promised fans that, “Tonight, darkness will seize the land” and “destroy all you hold dear.” Little did Mark Calaway vis-a-vis The Undertaker know what an […]


Sabathia, Burnett earning their worth

Most of us have never spent $243 million dollars on anything, and in all reality never will. How many of us could feasibly dream of spending $243 million dollars? Probably about as many of us who will ever be in the position to. But that’s exactly what the New York Yankees did this past offseason, […]


Major League Baseball: The Bud Selig Years

Major League Baseball has gone through many changes since Bud Selig became commissioner in 1992. Selig’s tenure has featured the initiation of the current playoff format, interleague play and the World Baseball Classic. There have also been dark moments such as the steroids scandal and the 1994 players strike. In the future, sports writers will […]


How do you spell relief?

A closer is generally considered to be the best relief pitcher on the team – the ace of the bullpen, if you will – but if you look around the league, you’ll find more than a handful of teams who have secondary relievers that are just as good, if not better than the current closer. […]


Ryan Ellis: Small kid, big deal

Ryan Ellis is the epitome of the phrase, “size doesn’t matter.” Listed as 5’10”, the slick skating Windsor Spitfires defenceman has heard his whole life that he is too small, and quite frankly, he doesn’t care. “Anytime someone points that out, it doesn’t bother me too much because I’ve proved a lot of people wrong. […]