The “most winningest” team in football

It is one thing to say that with 12 championships the Green Bay Packers have the most victories in football, but it’s another thing entirely to call them the most dominant team of the modern Super Bowl era – especially since they’ve only won one championship since 1967. The National Football League is unique among […]


The continued quest of Carl English

It is said that not every story has a happy ending. We like to think otherwise, especially in the world of sports, where underdogs are always the story of the day. From last season’s Tampa Bay Rays to July’s Tom Watson to nearly every sports movie created, it is always the collective hope of the […]


Desmond Mason is: a ghost, a flying horse, your hero

Desmond Mason might as well exist in an alternate universe – better yet, a fourth dimension; technically there, but ungrasped by man. His feats go unnoticed, his accomplishments unrecognized and his presence unfelt. He is, when you think about it, one big fat “un” – unknown, unremarkable and unjustly under-appreciated. His background is nothing spectacular; […]


Salvation in sight for San Francisco

Life has been good for the San Francisco Giants. At the All-Star break, the Giants led the National League Wild Card standings by two games with a record of 49-39. Right-hander Tim Lincecum was the NL starter at the All-Star Game and is the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner. Randy Johnson won his 300th […]


Joe Sakic: 20 Years of Excellence

Many words come to mind when one mentions the name Joe Sakic. Passion, dedication, leadership, loyalty, class, and humility are a small handful of descriptors that characterize the seasoned NHL veteran, but perhaps no word personifies Sakic’s illustrious career in the National Hockey League better than the word excellence. Joseph Steven Sakic was born on […]

Hall of Fame

The “most winningest” team in hockey

Last April, I wrote about the “most winningest” team in sports, and based on the success of the story, have decided to take a deeper look into the numbers behind the experiment. For the next four weeks, I’ll be dissecting the four major sports and the teams that have won the respective coveted prizes in […]


The Real Shaq, raw and unfiltered

Both Steve Nash and Shaquille O’Neal have accounts on Twitter. Both are fan favorites, extremely talented basketball players and were teammates on the Phoenix Suns last season. But there’s a slight difference between their Twitter accounts. Nash has a little over 61,000 people following him, O’Neal has nearly 1.5 million. Shaq has used social networking […]


LA Dodgers most logical bet for Roy Halladay

At a press conference last week, Bob Costas introduced the starting pitcher the American League All-Star team as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. In doing so, he touched on a topic that has been on the minds of Toronto fans for some time now; how long will Roy Halladay stay in Toronto? Baseball’s […]


Redefining basketball’s blueprint with Terrence Williams

Basketball played at the highest level is, maybe, the most beautiful of sports. Unlike football, golf or baseball, the game ebbs and flows naturally, and, unlike hockey or soccer, for almost every excellent play there is a reward. Maybe there aren’t stats for great picks or active hands interrupting passing lanes, but more often than […]


Rebuilding a Dynasty in San Francisco

The last time the San Francisco 49ers appeared in the post-season, they achieved the second-greatest comeback in team playoff history. The club rallied behind quarterback Jeff Garcia to overcome a daunting 24-point deficit and squeaked out a breathtaking 39-38 victory over the New York Giants. Unfortunately, this feat took place in 2002, a depressingly lengthy […]