When 61 Tops 62: The LeBron-Carmelo Phenomenon

LeBron James

LeBron James topped the 60-point plateau for the first time in his illustrious career this season, and it got me thinking about 2007. It doesn’t feel that long ago, but it’s been nearly seven years since LeBron dropped 48 points on the Pistons in Game 5 of an Eastern Conference playoff series that could have […]


Jason Collins and the Historical 10-Day Contract

Jason Collins

Ten days ago, the Brooklyn Nets signed Jason Collins to a ten-day contract – on Wednesday they’re expected to sign him to a second. This is the time of year for those: the post-trade deadline stretch as the season draws to a close, contending teams making their final push to get into the playoffs. On […]


What’s wrong with the Cavs?

Anthony Bennett

Last Tuesday, Jan. 28, Anthony Bennett scored 15 points in a loss against New Orleans. It might have been his best game of the season: he shot 5-of-10, including two three-pointers, and grabbed eight rebounds. He also played 31 minutes, by far the most he’d played all season. That’s the positive. The negative: it came […]


Steve Nash: The Long Goodbye

As long as I’ve been watching the NBA, it’s been a NBA with Steve Nash. I realize that’s not a long time. But I’m not an old person. For years Nash has been a thrill to watch. His Dallas teams tore things up in the playoffs and him and Dirk had some of the best […]


Remembering T-Mac: What to Make of Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady has a complicated legacy. Most nights he was a good scoring guard. Sometimes he was a liability, missing wide stretches of games with an assortment of injuries. And occasionally, T-Mac could rise to the moment and just about do the impossible. Who was T-Mac? After 15 seasons, we’re still looking for the answer.


Babe: The Legend Comes to Life (1974)

Babe Ruth

Let’s start with the mythology of Babe Ruth the athlete. He was the first player to hit three home runs a single game of the World Series. He didn’t just set the record for home runs, but utterly destroyed it, routinely hitting fifty or more in his prime. He called his shot in the World Series, dedicated a home run to a sick child (who than miraculously recovered) and was a pretty good pitcher to boot. Mark Milner breaks down the biography.


The Unignorable: Concussions still abound in NFL

Kevin Kolb

A recent wave of concussions during the NFL preseason have brought a nasty topic back into the spotlight. It’s no secret that pro football causes concussions. And it’s no secret that pro football is big business: the NFL is the most valuable of the four major leagues. According to a recent Forbes report, the average value of a NFL team is over $1 billion. That’s per team.

Other Sports

Gender Equality in Sports Coverage

Candace Parker

There’s no such thing as gender equality in sports media. While that’s not exactly a big surprise, that doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. Mark Milner, with the help of Molly Arenburg, considers the difference between the two.


Book Review: Crazy 08

Book Review: Crazy 08

A couple years ago we had one of the wildest finishes to any baseball season: on the same night, four games decided who got into the postseason. Wild stuff, right? It doesn’t hold a candle to the 1908 season, where both leagues had pennant races running to the last day. Baseball was then the dominant sport in America. It’s a world Cait Murphy taps into with Crazy 08, a fun read that’s marred by some strange editorial choices.


Linconspicuous: How Jeremy Lin will impact the Rockets in 13-14

When the Houston Rockets brought Dwight Howard on board through free agency this offseason, they essentially signed themselves up for a year of headlines and hoopla. Easily forgotten in all of the commotion of Houston’s resurgence as a Western Conference power, however, is point guard Jeremy Lin. It wasn’t long ago when Linsanity was in full effect. Will we ever see it again?