Kobe Bryant was born in my backyard

When I was nine years old I had a tree fort. It was pimp. In a sense, it was within those four wooden walls where the thought of this very website was conceived. Amongst those trees late in the summer of 1996 I stumbled upon a revelation that would forever alter the direction of my […]


Moneyball movie: Important Stats with Demetri Martin

Just when you thought deadpan comedy and the sexification of advanced baseball research would never join forces, Demetri Martin landed an acting gig playing alongside Brad Pitt in the film adaptation of Moneyball. Yes. A Moneyball movie. Alright, background information. Over six years ago, best-selling author Michael Lewis told the tale of Oakland Athletics general […]


Destiny Revealed: Starring John Tavares

If John Tavares goes to the Toronto Maple Leafs, will the world collapse? You may have wondered this yourself. You’re not alone. We here at The Good Point laboratories like to consider ourselves experts on each; scientists of both the known and undiscovered. Whether you consider this Slurpee-induced November diatribe to be of any particular […]


Brandon Roy, man crush

Deep in the bowels of RealGM’s NBA message board lays an unheard prophecy. “The Official I Have a Man Crush on Brandon Roy Club“, it reads. “… yes I am drunk, but still, how f’ing awesome is Mr. B.Roy?” I see this because it’s late on a Friday night and I’m sitting on my couch […]


Pick-up ball goes Global

This summer, one basketball-obsessed global visionary has an idea that could change the context of international basketball as we know it. On June 10, 2009, Sean Smith – a Canadian Sport Management professor at Brock University – will present Global Village Basketball 2009. In hopes of engaging the world in a planet-wide game of pickup […]


Cody Hodgson’s life in the Battalion

Cody Hodgson has his life together – think about it. Not one year removed from graduating high school, the charismatic young man with the boyish grin and chiseled jaw was a shoo-in for the program of his choice at a substantial university in Ontario. He’s well-spoken, polite and people like him, too. Oh, and he […]


Passion and Sports in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

It’s just past two on a sunny New Orleans afternoon when, “I’m going to stop here, but if you still want to go, just keep going down St. Claude and turn left at the lights. I ain’t going in there.” These are the words of our escort – if you’d call her that – as […]


Gilbert Arenas: Internet killed the NBA star

Let’s get this straight, in 1991 the first web browser was invented. Though still far from the hands of the common public, this modern blueprint would put the ball in motion for a concept that would go on to overrun our society. As the number of North American households with access to cable and other […]


Fighting in Hockey: The Sport that Evolution Forgot

Before you start reading this, go outside and punch your neighbour in the face. It doesn’t matter which one. No, don’t worry, I’ll wait… Done? Okay, good. Do you feel better? I bet your friends are pretty jazzed right now – I am. You’re a tank. After an otherwise boring day, it’s nice to see […]


Stop, pay attention to the Detroit Pistons immediately

As the mathematical midway point of the NBA season inches closer and closer, it’s hard to refrain from gauging how particular teams stack up against those of yesteryear. With every flip of the calendar, the sample from which we draw our opinions becomes more and more telling of the true basketball landscape. Adversely, just days […]