Philadelphia sports: Drought free since 2008

Every now and then the stars align above bustling Philadelphia and the seas of a luckless city’s toughest competition gracefully part in order to allow the consummation of karmic redemption. Whether it be a New York Mets baseball club crashing to the National League finish line like an alpaca with a broken tibia, or the […]

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Bears Eat Beets: The Minnesota Wild logo essay

When the Minnesota Wild logo was initially unveiled back 1998, the context in which sport was perceived would, essentially, change forever. Whether we knew it or not, one man’s artistic recreation of a “wild” would be enough to permanently alter the memetic landscape of professional athletics. If the simplistic nature of the New York Yankees’ […]

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The Epic of John Tavares

John Tavares wakes up every morning and goes to high school – except on the weekends of course. On weekends, the 18-year-old phenom shifts his focus from student-athlete to athlete-athlete. On weekends, the barely-old-enough-to-drive-on-his-own phenom rents videos, catches up on sleep and lights up any of the OHL opponents who dare cross his path. On […]


An Open Letter to Greg Oden’s Neck Beard

Dear Greg Oden’s Neck Beard, It hasn’t been two weeks since the day you hung thick and proud under the Herculean jaw of northwestern hope, but your absence in the time herein has left an uncomfortable void in many a man’s life. As an admittedly judgmental basketball fan myself, I was never quite sure whether […]

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Blogletes: Volume 1

When I came across my RSS feed this week something occurred to me; the websites that I and millions of others flock to on a terribly obsessive basis are more than just collections of images and text on digital screens, rather, these time-stealing entertainment factories also play significant roles in our day-to-day lives with personalities […]

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Exactly why the Maple Leafs are the bane of the NHL

Nearly 25 years ago, I was born in a corner of Northern Ontario far removed from the feverish commotion of the province’s south and even farther removed from any obligatory allegiance to the overwhelmingly divisive Toronto Maple Leafs. Having lived my life aware of but not particularly attached to the iconical franchise, it surprised me […]


How T.J. Ford plans to make a difference

On a summery day in the end of June, amidst a limitless flurry of rookie rumors and speculation, Canadian news broke that Toronto Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo had pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal that would see his club part ways with chronically under-used T.J. Ford in exchange for former MVP candidate-turned-injury prone […]

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How Ticketmaster ruined professional sports

Let’s be blunt, now charges as much as 60% of face value ticket price in sporting event convenience fees alone. Before you spend another cent, stop and think about that for as long as it takes it to sink in. Never mind the fact that the price you ended up paying for two tickets […]


The man and the monument: How George Gervin became champion of the people

George Gervin deserves your respect. Not because he did for Michael Jordan what Michael Jordan did for Richard Hamilton in 2001. Heck, not for representing the San Antonio Spurs in nine straight All-Star games from 1977 to 1985 either. George Gervin deserves your respect because the tragically underrated, 1996-elected, Basketball Hall of Famer has never […]


Young and Restless: The story of John Tavares and his last OHL season

For over three long years, hockey fans have anticipated the arrival of a softspoken teenager from Oakville, Ontario, a kid once widely thought talented enough to challenge the NHL’s rigid age limit policy. And, for years, those fans had every reason to believe an exception for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft was all but guaranteed. […]