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What is Sports.WS?

The Sports.ws Network is a collection of independent publishers and web apps in the sports industry. We take sports seriously and build our sites and platforms for others that do so too.

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy veteran looking for a challenge or a fanatical member of a process-trusting franchise desperate for the latest lottery odds and prospect information, chances are one of our publishers will have exactly what you’re looking for.

The Sports.ws Network has existed in some capacity since the late-1990s, powered by the notion that sports fans deserve more. Two decades and a whole lotta internet later, we still believe that’s true.

Our Publishers

Sports.ws Fantasy

The Network’s flagship product is a long-standing, advanced fantasy basketball platform built on the concept of player efficiency, position hybridization and an authentic 82-game, head-to-head schedule. Experience the sport of basketball's own tailor-made fantasy format for yourself.


The GOATs of basketball publishing have dropped the world's premier hoops blog since the 90s. Now, in addition to defining basketball culture, we're doing work in the transaction aggregation space.


A comprehensive browser-based dynasty simulator that puts you in the general manager seat of a basketball franchise of your choice. Simulate years, decades or even centuries into the future, managing on-court personnel and franchise finances. Just try not to get fired.


A multi-sport platform dedicated to the lottery and draft processes that shape the professional sports world. Come for the lottery projections when your team falls out of the playoff race, stay for the mock draft and growing database of prospect profiles.


Manage everything from a League of Legends eSports team to a professional baseball franchise in these browser-based simulators ported from the original BasketballGM sim that started it all. Football, hockey and college sports simulators are also available.

The Good Point

A credentialed online magazine launched in 2008, soon to be rebranded and reanimated for the current sports landscape. COMING SOON

Join the Team

The way the world consumes sports content has changed drastically over the course of the past two decades, fortunately the information and resources available have followed suit. We take particular pride in working alongside publishers that take sports as seriously as we do, offering unique features and content for hardcore and casual users alike.

We think that great content deserves great support, so publishers in The Sports.ws Network benefit from referral traffic across our existing domains and, of course, revenue generated by our advertising team that works with leading ad exchanges and supply-side platforms to help quality publishers earn what they deserve.

If you’re an independent publisher with a consistent track record of pumping out great content or products, drop us a line at hello@sports.ws

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The Sports.ws Network generates over 20 million page views every month with engaged users all around the world. Our standard demographic of educated sports fans in their 20s and 30s is among the most valuable available and we take our responsibility of managing the ad creative that they see and experience seriously.

We work with both programmatic sources and direct campaigns to ensure that our solid user experience is upheld across our domains and give priority to advertisers that meet and exceed IAB standards by offering classy, lightweight display creative that won’t impact load times.

Whether you’re a supply-side platform looking to gain access to our header bidding auction or simply just a hobby blogger looking to grow your own traffic by advertising on some leading sports platforms, reach out to us at ads@sports.ws