SportsWS Player Position Options

Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors

You may have already noticed that there are some new position options available to commissioners this season. It’s true, we’ve been busy trying to perfect how we handle the process involved in assigning default eligibility. While we haven’t introduced any new formats, we’ve tweaked the methodologies that determine the status of each player. The result […]


The Growing List of Power User Tools

New York Knicks

If you’re just now signing up for your fantasy basketball leagues, this is where I tell that there are more reasons to sign up for VIP Packages than ever. I already wrote a post about the Ad-Free Package (which comes included in the VIP Package or can be purchased separately) and have been gabbing away about […]


New Layout Designed for Ad-Free Experience

Jason Williams and Chris Webber

Ads are the worst, I’ll be the first to say so myself, but they’re a harsh reality in today’s online economy. Until two seasons ago they were sole source of income. What does that mean? It means that they were the only things keeping in business, and without them we would all be slamming […]


A Closer Look at Fantasy Basketball Keeper Tools

In a recent poll conducted at, nearly 80% of all fantasy basketball players participate in at least one keeper league. As proponents of the dynasty league format ourselves, we wanted to make sure that our commissioners had every tool possible to make their annual league renewal process as stress-free as possible. Sure commissioners may be […]


Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Rankings for 2016-17

The fantasy season creeps ever closer, so now is as good a time to publish my preseason fantasy basketball rankings… well, part of them. You read my post last week about the best players not to qualify for my Top 10. Here are the ones that did. I’ve determined all rankings based on 12-team leagues with […]


Who to avoid in the Top 10 of your fantasy basketball draft

It’s the time of year where writers start stringing together fantasy basketball rankings for the upcoming NBA season. I’m no different. Although the actual season remains nearly three months away, the most hardcore fantasy basketball players are already signing up for leagues at or wherever, harassing each other on message boards and pretending they saw […]


Kent Bazemore’s ATL Ascension

Kent Bazemore

A year ago last week, Kent Bazemore‘s analysis was updated. If Bazemore played more minutes he might be worth a speculative add, but he doesn’t seem to be in the running for a bigger role in Atlanta any time soon. -Jan. 7, 2015 Whether the vague and relatively inconsequential remark was right or wrong comes […]


Danilo Gallinari and Denver’s Nuggets of Hope

Danilo Gallinari

The Denver Nuggets haven’t done much in terms of establishing themselves as either movers or shakers in the Western Conference, but that doesn’t mean their 2015-16 campaign – a year  of transition, though lined with promise – has been for naught. Through the first month of the regular season, the franchise has shown that they boast […]


C.J. McCollum and Portland’s Next Generation

C.J. McCollum

Nobody knew quite what to expect out of the Portland Trail Blazers this season, with the exception, perhaps, that one could have reasonably expected to at least expect the unexpected. Such is life, we can all agree, when a veteran team that had defied expectations for several seasons goes sadly but swiftly the way of nature, imploding […]


Clint Capela’s Stock Rising in Houston

Clint Capela

The train of efficient power forwards and centers that have played for Daryl Morey’s Rockets is a long one, but of those intriguing bigs, the latest and perhaps most exciting of the bunch is Clint Capela. The 21-year-old came out of nowhere during Houston’s playoff run last season, establishing himself as a defensive asset worthy […]