Supporting without ads.

Hey guys. I hate the idea of hiding cool features behind paid accounts. As a result, I'm going to make a lot of the previous VIP functions available for all users.

That said, I'm always going to keep the VIP package as a way of letting users check their fantasy teams without seeing ads while they do it.

I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to making sure our ads are clean and non-invasive but I understand if people would rather avoid them altogether.

However you choose to do so, thanks for supporting!

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2018-19 VIP Package Perks

VIP Package: $20
  • A 100% Ad-Free Experience
    •Browse your leagues without advertisements but still support the site.
  • Access Power User Tools.
    •Edit player positions without vote, HTML format league messages, access user Activity Ratings and more.
  • Additional Keeper League Functionality.
    •Keeper leagues free for everybody but VIP members will get accesss to more historic league data.
  • Access Premium Contributors Forum.

More on the way, new perks will be applied retroactively, so you're always eligible.

How else can I help?

By spreading the word!

Follow us on social media and tell your friends that advanced fantasy basketball at is the only way to play.

Where does my contribution go?

Toward upgraded servers, ensuring that we're able to operate with as little downtime and as quickly and seamlessly as possible; Toward our stat license, which allows us consistent access to accurate statistics without fear of reprisal; Toward design work, making sure that if an aesthetic issue pops up over the course of the year, we can address it promptly; Toward the Help account, letting us deal with each issue personally and expediently; Toward developmental work, which opens the door for future improvements to the site, both minor and major.

How does it work?

You make your payment over Paypal however you feel most comfortable, that then covers you for the entire season. We'll track all-time payments for future use, but for now you'll gain you access to the plethora of options above for the duration of the season. More will be added over time and, yes, you will be eligible for anything new that gets added even if that wasn't an option when you made the payment. The perks allow users to do more at, although you'll always be able to play the game for free because that's how we all fell in love with fantasy basketball in the first place.