What is Sports.ws Legends?
Sports.ws Legends is a fantasy basketball platform that lets you draft any player from any era using real historic stat lines.
How do I play?
Legends works similarly to any other season-long fantasy basketball league you've played at Sports.ws. The difference is that the data used in the points-based format is from the past. Simply draft your team as you would normally, then progress through a head-to-head schedule against your friends.

Above: This league is set in the 1999-00 season.
Logistics please...
In conventional fantasy leagues, teams have to wait for games to happen in real-time. In a Sports.ws Legends league, you can advance through a full season as fast or as slow as you'd like. It's one of the main settings commissioners will make a decision on prior to starting a league.
Where do I start?
If you'd like to set up a Sports.ws Legends league, you can sign up for an account right now and get started. Or just hop into our Discord channel to discuss the format with the rest of the Sports.ws community and learn about how Sports.ws differs from other fantasy platforms. Sign Up For An Account Learn More About Sports.ws Join The Sports.ws Discord
Still to come
Once you've re-created your favorite hoops seasons from childhood, why not pit them against one another? Beta leagues for multiseason Legends campaigns are already underway. Pick a customizable timeframe of seasons and throw all of those players into a draftable player pool.

Draft your team, your way. Set your lineup to optimize your roster and make adjustments as needed.
Crawl through statistics from any NBA season since 1973 and choose the era best suited for your fantasy league.
Don't feel like brushing up on your knowledge about the 70s or 80s? Re-live seasons you're already familiar with, like the early years of existing stars' careers.