How To Play

So you're new to Sports.ws. Welcome to the last new basketball game you'll ever need to learn.

If you've played a lot of fantasy basketball in the past, what you're about to experience is a bit different than what you're used to.

In short, Sports.ws takes the very nature of player efficiency and combines it with a game configuration that suits the fluidity of basketball.
Advanced Fantasy Basketball

•Build your roster around per-minute efficiency.

•Fill 240 minutes (48 x 5 positions) every game.

•Play 82 games in sync with the real NBA season.

•Customize player eligibility using multiple presets.

•Set up your draft to last hours, days or even weeks.

VIDEO: What is Advanced Fantasy Basketball

We've structured a format that rewards production not just blind volume or quantity.

Sure, a guard that thrives in 20 MPG is more valuable than a mediocre one who plays 32, so why was Jordan Clarkson ranked ahead of Dennis Schroder on ESPN's player rater last season?

At Sports.ws, you fill your lineup with as many high-efficiency players as you want. So long as you fill 240 minutes, you're good to go.
How Player Efficiency Matters

•Your job? Make the most of your 240 game minutes.

•Play efficient reserves and/or productive starters.

•Stats are prorated as "Fantasy Points Per Minute".

•Adjust who fills minutes by managing your lineup.

Injured players use none of your 240 minutes.

•Score based on real stats and your roster ranking.
VIDEO: Sports.ws and Player Efficiency

There are plenty of ways to configure your fantasy league. Make a 30-team hardcore league or try something more experimental with a few friends.

Use a traditional position format (guards, forwards & centers) or a more modern one (playmakers, wings & bigs). All positions are customizable.

Customize scoring format with stats weighted however you see fit, or choose from our defaults: Production or Standard.
Tutorial: League Setup 101

•Create a fantasy league with up to 30 teams in it.

•Redraft annually or start a yearly keeper league.

•Multiple position formats (G/F/C or P/W/B).

Production stats value defenders like Rudy Gobert.

Standard stats value scorers like J.J. Redick.

•Scoring and positions are entirely customizable.
VIDEO: Sports.ws 101 - League Setup

The Sports.ws draft process is unique. It can be over in a few hours, or draw on for days - it's all up to you.

Most formats require owners to co-ordinate schedules for a live draft in person or through a JavaScript applet. Here, draft at your own pace.

Free of the constraints of a live draft, set queues, talk trades or even do some actual work while advancing through draft slowly.
Tutorial: Drafting 101

•Order set randomly when commish starts draft.

Trade picks, players or both while drafting.

•Start quickly or make draft week-long event.

Sort players by league-specific scoring formula.

•Proactively set queues if unable to log in.
VIDEO: Sports.ws 101 - How to Draft

At Sports.ws there's strategy involved with setting a lineup. You can't just draft the biggest names and hope for the best.

Your task is to score the most points in 48 minutes (X 5 players = 240), so you'll want to give your most efficient players priority.

Minutes are allocated from the top of your roster down, so set your players with the highest efficiency rates at the top of your list.
Tutorial: Lineup 101

•Most efficient players should be highest in list.

•Points will score if minutes are available.

Dual-eligibility players can play multiple positions.

•Adjust one's primary position as you see fit.

Points are prorated, only 240 minutes count.

•Experiment with our Lineup Simulator.
VIDEO: Sports.ws 101 - Adjusting a Lineup