Why Sports.ws Fantasy Basketball Dominates

Head-to-Head Scoring

  • Our unique scoring system lets you play a full 82-game season.
  • We invented head-to-head "Per Minute" scoring and are the biggest site using it. To see it in action, try our fantasy lineup simulator.
  • Your schedule produces box scores, standings; customizable playoff series and brackets.
  • Assign any fantasy point value to any statistic.
  • Start as late as you want with no penalty or delay.
  • While it may sound more complicated than standard rotisserie or head-to-head, it's actually less work to maintain your lineup. Stop being penalized for fluke injuries and not being able to check every Monday!
Example of head to head scoring

The Competitor

  • They claim to be "Head-to-Head" by adding up stats each week instead of each game.
  • Players get treated the same whether they play 2 games or 4 games in a week; you waste time rearranging your lineup based on which team is going to play.
  • No differentation between a player who plays the whole game and a player that plays a few minutes.
  • Weekly results means lineups and standings only change once per week.


  • Each game is counted; you get 82 box scores based on your lineup settings.
  • Every player is eligible for every game.
  • Spend less time worrying about "spots" you are going to fill; backups automatically sub in when minutes are available.
  • Play 3 or 4 games a week, just like the pros.


  • Draft at any pace you want - do it live in hours or slowly over weeks.
  • Autopick and "express" options available.
  • Customize the pick order.
Example of drafting

The Competitor

  • Limited to auctions or live drafts.
  • Some live drafts require flash or software downloads.
  • Required to draft exactly one player per "round."


  • Can't get everybody together at once and don't trust auto-pick or auctions? Long drafts are our specialty!
  • Draft is web-based, ability to react or comment right on the draft page,
  • Start with 12 picks, trade for anything you want.

Team Setup

  • Customize divisions and conferences.
  • Multiple owners per team are supported.
  • Fix abandoned teams by assigning new owners or adding a bot.
  • Reward division and conference winners with optional playoff byes.

The Competitor

  • Many restrict leagues to a fixed 10 or 12 teams.
  • No mainstream site supports more than 20 teams.


  • Play with as few as 6 and as many as 32 teams.


  • Unlimited trades and pick-ups per team.
  • Allow the league to vote to veto unfair trades.
  • Customizable trade deadline.
  • Customizable waivers options
Example of trading

The Competitor

  • Many only support 1-for-1 trades.
  • Most only let you trade players.


  • Trade many for few.
  • Trade any combination of draft picks and players.

Player Positions

  • 48 minutes per position; fill minutes by ordering players.
  • Dual position players can play one or both positions, even in the same game.
  • No arbitrary differentation between bench and starters. You want a 3-header center rotation? It's yours!

The Competitor

  • You're confined to the site's position listings.


  • Customize player positions for your league by letting the league vote!

Stats and Guides

  • Previous season sortable stats are available.
  • Monitor draft and popularity trends.
  • Guides and rankings reflect your league's customized scoring.
  • Design tailored for user experience, no more black and white, just beautiful stats.
  • Stats so good some of our UK regulars have told us they use them on betting websites.
  • Injury updates, no need to stress about making sure all your rosters fight fit.
  • We're always open to new ideas, please get in contact with us if you have any suggestions.
  • Everything is available to everybody for free.
Example of stats and guides

The Competitor

  • Guides or rankings don't account for your league's customized scoring.


  • All of your league settings are loaded into every stat page.
  • Sift through past stats and filter by player's fantasy team; easily find the best players that aren't taken.

Customizable Scoring

  • Play with our standing scoring or assign a value for any stat.
  • Unique stat categories available (clutch points, team results).

The Competitor

  • Who's to say FG % should matter as much as rebounds?


  • Reward or penalize players in any stat category.
  • Leagues advertised with tags like "Rewards Defense" or "Sharpshooters Only."

Badges and Awards

  • Let your league vote on up to 30 pre-defined and custom award categories like "Best Trash Talker" and "Prettiest Team".
  • Earn badges for your profile.

News and Alerts

  • Get injury updates, Sports.ws advice, and exactly what's going on in your league.
  • News references show up in your news feed in real time; there is a lot going on, even when games aren't happening.
  • Customizable filters and watch lists lets you decide which alerts you want to see or be emailed about.