Truth behind Chris Bosh’s rebounding numbers

Right now, two things appear to be true. One is that unless Dr. House remembers something right this very instant (or at least within the hour), somebody will die. The other is that Chris Bosh is a terrific rebounder, the best in the league. Why is that? Basketball-Reference is showing that so far this season, […]


Tyler Toffoli: The Total Package

At this time of year comparisons run ramped in the NHL. With a new crop of draft picks heading into the NHL entry draft, every hockey fan is looking for a current NHLer to compare their team’s next pick to. Ottawa 67’s winger Tyler Toffoli hasn’t modeled his game after any specific player, but already […]


NBA All-Star voting for grown ups

I’m assuming there’s a reason things are the way they are that I just don’t understand yet, but until it either changes or I figure it out, the NBA All-Star ┬ávoting process is officially my new nemesis (you’re off the hook Gypsy That Cursed Paul Millsap). Where do we begin? The last time a basketball […]