The Grudge: How even 10 years later Raptors fans can’t let up

Fans of the Toronto Raptors are passionate. They live and die by the team with a full range of emotions based on the club’s performance. And while passion has positive results, it also has negative ones too. There are two players in the National Basketball Association – New York Knicks guard Tracy McGrady and Orlando […]


Puck dreams in Florida: From Orlando to the OPJHL

The old saying goes “Home is where the heart is”. The Couchiching Terriers play at an arena complex called The MASK, just up the road from Casino Rama near Orillia, Ontario. It’s a multipurpose building, containing a library, school and an ice pad. As far as Jr. A arenas go, it’s pretty small, but for […]


What in the Whitehurst is Seattle thinking?

After a questionable managerial move in January that saw the Seattle Seahawks bring aboard head coach Pete Carroll, the franchise has once again drawn criticism, this time with a choice of on-field personnel. If bringing in Pete Carroll to coach the team was the Mona Lisa, then the trade for Charlie Whitehurst has just completed […]


Red Wings struggle in unfamiliar territory

To say that the Detroit Red Wings – a franchise that has won 11 Stanley Cups and has been the most elite NHL team of the past two decades – relies on luck to win would be outright stupid. Their legacy as a storied club will live on forever, even if the wheels fall off […]


How Canadian baseball stumbled into the Summer Olympics

The game of baseball is colloquially known as America’s favourite pastime, yet, in 1984, as a demonstration sport in the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, baseball provided an unlikely platform for an improbable Canadian to live the Olympic dream. It was a sequence of chance occurrences that saw Henry Andrulis, a native of Toronto, Ontario, […]


The Toronto Maple Leafs are a dead horse

When the Toronto Maple Leafs are down and out, you can find the media and their “fans” standing above, kicking them. Sure some people may think that the Leafs are the bane of the NHL, and they might just be. On Saturday the Toronto Sun published an article by Bill Lankhof where he says, “Brian […]

Other Sports

Inside the secret world of underground game trading

On Feb. 28, the Olympic men’s ice hockey game between Canada and the United States set records in TV viewership. According to the Canadian Press, it was seen by at least 26.5 million people in Canada alone; with the US ratings added, it was seen by close to 40 million. It’s setting records in another […]