Appreciating the masterfully aged San Antonio Spurs

With all due respects to Kobe Bryant, who’s renamed himself Mamba Vino, the San Antonio Spurs are your vintage Bordeaux. The Spurs have aged with grace, and through their aging process, they have taken on different noses; David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker and back to Tim Duncan again. Is this the year they win their fifth NBA championship?

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The Boston Marathon: What went Wrong

The marathon is a celebration of Pheidippides, whom according to legend, was a messenger in the battle of Marathon, running from the battle all the way to Athens to tell the people that the Persians had been defeated. He then collapsed and died. The legendary run was thought to have been about 26.2 miles, which was adopted as the official marathon distance.


The Blue Jay Effect on Grass Roots Baseball

As the Toronto Blue Jays have come and gone over the course of the past decades, so too has youth and grass roots baseball. Will this current World Series push do for the kids of today what Joe Carter’s club did for Generation Y? Ryan Wight takes a look at the ebb and flow of baseball participation among Canadian youth, all while showing that you’re never too old to get excited about your Big League club gearing up for a title.


Man, Myth and the LeBron James Streak

It’s Year X of LeBron James and prior to the last two weeks, we have been left without a defining basketball stat that personified what he could do individually that separated himself from other basketball greats. Bill Russell has his 10 rings. Wilt Chamberlain has his 100-point game, along with averaging 50 points and 25 rebounds over an entire season (not to mention the alleged 25,000 women that knew him intimately). Kobe has 81, Magic has versatility and MJ has everything else. What will come to define No. 6?