Escape from Oakland

The Oakland Athletics have been in a tumultous state for years now, making it hard for fans to decide whether they’re coming or going. The net result is a state of rebuild for Billy Beane’s team, and if this attempt doesn’t work, the next rebuild may be in San Jose.


Joe Paterno: Legacy or Lunacy?

Joe Paterno, the famous – or infamous – former head coach of the Penn State football program, passed away last Saturday. Affectionately known as “JoePa” to many, his legacy reaches over five decades, yet may be defined by a single moment in time. Is this fair?


Young Rangers learning from experience of others

The New York Rangers have emerged as a top contender in the Eastern Conference. The young squad have grown and evolved together, learning from the mistakes of the past and benefitting from experienced veterans like Brad Richards. Will this be enough to get them a Stanley Cup?


Vinny Prospal: Resurgence in Obscurity

It has been a forgettable season for the forgettable Columbus Blue Jackets. But with the turmoil among the players, coaches and fans, a story is emerging in that of winger Vinny Prospal, who has returned from an injury last season to be among his new team’s top scorers.


The Passion Play

Tim Tebow is beyond quarterback. He’s beyond football. He’s a phenomenon. And he’s polarized fans, Christians and pretty much everybody else through his blatant show of religion. Is his following justified, or is this just a flash in the pan that’s destined to pass as quickly as it began?


Why a LSU-Bama rematch still poses problems for the BCS

Monday night’s BCS Championship game between LSU and Alabama is a rematch of a Nov. 5 match between the two rivals. But are these truly the best two teams? Oklahoma State doesn’t think so, and Andrew Bucholtz examines why the Crimson Tide were selected over the Cowboys for the big game.

Other Sports

The Good Point’s best athletes of 2011

Great teams are made up of great players. 2011 saw many of them rise up to the challenge and give us memories that will last a lifetime. Whether that greatness was due to a stat sheet or in incredible story, TheGP’s top writers and editors believe that these athletes deserve to be honored as the best of the year.


Roberts and Roest building a healthier future

Gary Roberts, an NHL veteran with 1,354 games to his credit, missed the entire 1996-97 season due to injury. That prompted him to successfully investigate a way to get himself healthy, which led to his post-NHL work with the Fitness Institute, where he helps young players prepare for the rigors of being a top athlete in any sport.