Breaking down the NFL’s All-22 footage

The NFL recently announced that it will make available its “All-22” footage, which captures each of the 22 players on the field during a given play. For a subscription fee, fans will be able to review each and every play, giving them access to a new side of football never before open to the public.


Making it count: Re-inventing the MLB All-Star Game

Many think of the MLB All-Star Game as the premier showcase of top-level talent among the major sports. However, it’s not without its flaws. From a lack of variety in skills competitions to the often uninspiring finish to the game itself, baseball could do a world of good to make the entire break more exciting for fans – and it wouldn’t even require too many changes.


JVR-Schenn trade evidence of heightened expectations

The trade that had been bandied about for months finally reached fruition on Day 2 of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, with the Flyers sending winger James van Riemsdyk to the Leafs in exchange for defenseman Luke Schenn. Gauging the early analysis of the one-for-one swap, many see it as a good old-fashioned hockey trade. […]


Creating the case for Cam and the call

Let us pretend like we are 10, or 15 years into the future because it’s never too early to start planning for the day that Cam Newton’s professional football career is winding down. Only 866 of the 4.72 million individuals who have played college football have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. […]


Killing the BCS is a good start for college football

The commissioners of the various NCAA football conferences took the first step toward a complete overhaul of the BCS system last week, debating the merits of a four-team playoff to determine the yearly champion. It’s far from a done deal, but definitely something that many fans of college football are looking forward to.


Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World (2008)

“Rome 1960” by David Maraniss tells the story of the 1960 Summer Games and how they affected the world landscape in the middle of the Cold War. Relations between the United States and Soviet Union were fragile, and the decathalon became a turning point in the Games, when athletes from the U.S., Taiwan and the USSR all shared the same podium.


The draft day deal explained

Before many NHL Entry Drafts, teams trade draft picks they’ve stockpiled either for higher, but fewer picks or to increase the number of picks they’ll have later on. For the most part, trading draft picks alone has no significant advantage. Matt Horner explains the numbers.


Pittsburgh Pirates: Battling mediocrity for 20 years

If the Pittsburgh Pirates’ streak of losing seasons was a person, he (or she, but let’s just stick with he) would be a sophomore at college. There would be weekend classes, experimentation with new drugs and new people, and campus parties that I’m probably not invited too. This particular college student, although proud of his […]


Preparing the way for a gay athlete in the NHL

Homosexuality and hockey don’t mix. At least that’s what’s been preached for decades. Now, there seems to be a culture shift happening, but is the world ready for an openly gay athlete at the NHL level. Some believe such a player will be too much of a distraction, which is why we haven’t seen one yet. Others, like Tim Kolupanowich, welcome the idea of moving forward.


The Temple Owls’ odyssey

From 1991 to 2009, the Temple Owls struggled to win. After being ousted from the Big East in 2004, they went winless as an independent, and have slowly improved since then. Next year, they’ll rejoin the Big East thanks to extreme perseverence, they’ve bounced back. Theirs is a story that could motivate even the lowest of the low.