Chip Kelly and the Reinvented Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly

It seemed like every which way you turned for NFL coverage this offseason people were talking about the Philadelphia Eagles, including yours truly. Now, not all that talk was about one wide receiver’s racially charged comments. A lot of it focused on the man in charge, new head coach Chip Kelly. Coming from an Oregon […]


Candid Camera: What we can learn from Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper used a very bad word and is very sorry someone caught him saying it on video. To be certain, that he got caught is the only reason the public knows he uses that word. How the public found out is bad for Riley Cooper. That he got caught is the only reason his teammates know he uses that word. How his teammates found out is worse for Riley Cooper. Josh Koebert sheds light on the incident.


The Bolted Badger: Life without Bret Bielema

Three conference championships and a cloud of dust marked the end of Bret Bielema’s tenure as head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. Gone to Arkansas and the glamor of the SEC, he left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of the Badger faithful, a fan base that loved much of what he produced in the win column despite routinely calling for his dismissal as head coach.


Biogenesis, steroids and a Ryan Braun suspension?

It looks like Major League Baseball finally got their man, and 19 others to boot. Following the 2011 season Ryan Braun was named National League MVP. Later still in 2011, word leaked to ESPN that Braun had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and would receive a 50-game suspension to begin 2012. The case was dropped on a technicality then, but has come back to haunt him.


The Packer: Brett Favre’s Journey Home

Brett Favre was a lot of things to a lot of people, but especially to the rabid Wisconsin faithful. Josh Koebert, one of the many inspired football afficianados who can attribute their passion for the game to the franchise-changing quarterback, weighs in on the man’s exodus, eventual retirement and potential return to the place he became a legend.


In Defense of Brandon Jennings’ Guarantee

Brandon Jennings is not Joe Namath, and the 2012-2013 Milwaukee Bucks are not the 1968 New York Jets, and the Miami Heat are not the Baltimore Colts, no matter how apt comparing LeBron James and Johnny Unitas may be. Ever since Broadway Joe and his scrappy AFL upstarts unseated the NFL’s mighty Indianapolis Colts to make good on Namath’s infamous guarantee, professional athletes promising wins has been en vogue, albeit to varying levels of success. Add the Milwaukee point guard to the list.

Other Sports

The Boston Marathon: Healing with Sports

Sports are supposed to be fun. Sports are supposed to be an escape from the rest of the world. The Boston Marathon is supposed to be a celebration of human accomplishment. Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts is supposed to honor the brave men and women that fought to found this nation. On April 15, everything the day and the marathon were supposed to be became targets, just the same as the innocent men and women around the blast zone.


Looking Beyond the Kevin Ware Injury

Kevin Ware has become a household name, and not for reasons that he would have hoped for. When Ware gruesomely broke his leg on national television fans, players and consumers of March Madness in general were forced to take a step back and evaluate the game and the role that student athletes play in it.


Houston Astros: Tradition in Transition

It’s not always easy to be a Houston Astros fan. Now that the franchise boasts a miniscule $20 million payroll, a mark smaller than 20 different individuals in professional baseball, they’ll have their work cut out for them dealing any sort of damage on the diamond. Still, with hew boss Jim Crane calling the executive shots, it may not be long before we start seeing signs of life from the classic club. A new league and new look are only the beginning.


Manti Te’o Draft Watch: Searching for a fit

Nobody seems to know what to make of Manti Te’o. He had a historically great season as the leader of a Notre Dame defense that led the Irish back to national prominence and he finished as the runner-up for the Heisman trophy, becoming the closest thing to a purely defensive player the award in history… but then the National Championship Game and offseason happened.