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The Stylish One

In today’s world, we all worry about our appearance – hockey players are no different. To the blind eye, when watching a hockey game, the equipment players wear is solely for protection. But, to many, these articles mean so much more. They are a way to express one’s self while in action, and, in hockey, […]


Role of the Rookie

There has long been a silent but well known code in Junior hockey. The rookies are to do what the veterans tell them to do, no questions asked. In recent years, that so called code has been thrown out the window by new rookies who think they should gain instant respect instead of earning it. […]


The man behind a Killer career

A total of 31 playoff appearances in 32 seasons with the Ottawa 67’s. Over 1,100 wins with almost 500 different players. Nine divisional, three league and two Memorial Cup Championships. The coach behind all of these is the legendary Brian Blair Kilrea, simply known as Killer. Kilrea spent the majority of his playing career in […]


The forgotten obligation to the fans

It’s time for people to accept the NHL All-Star game for what it is. The All-Star game comes with the rich tradition of being scheduled every year since 1947 and only being missed six times. It has long given fans a display of the greatest players to ever play the game. Showcasing the greatest players […]


The Good Point presents: The Pointies

As Wednesday’s NHL action came to a close earlier this week, all 30 teams had played half of their season. Now is usually a good time to gauge how a team is going to finish, which players are going to flourish and which players are on their way to becoming obsolete. It marks the time […]


A fancy tea cup in Boston?

The state of Massachusetts has been the site of six major championships since the turn of the century and by early June it could be getting its first Stanley Cup in over 30 years. Coming into this NHL season, the Boston Bruins were expected to battle for the bottom two playoff spots in the Eastern […]

Other Sports

T’was the Year 2008

T’was the year 2008 and from Jan to December, Each month in sports was one to remember. January saw LSU win the Bowl, Starting off 6-0, the Tigers would roll. Marion Jones then exchanged shoes for thugs, Spending six months in the pen for lying about drugs. Feb saw the Giants make a record disappear, […]


The Future Behind the Winged Wheel

While the Detroit Red Wings goaltending may look bleak at the moment, the future exudes excitement. The Wings brass will have the opportunity to observe their top goaltending prospect, Thomas McCollum, in the upcoming weeks against the best players in the world – outside the NHL – under the age of 20 at this year’s […]


Avery dealt first suspension of questionable career

He finally did it. Sean Avery finally crossed the line. With Avery always pushing the limits and tip-toeing on the agitation line, he finally lost his balance and fell on the wrong side. At the Dallas Stars morning skate prior to their game against the Calgary Flames on Tuesday, Avery called for all present media […]

Hall of Fame

Introducing Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall may be less than two weeks removed from his 17th birthday, but he is already turning hockey heads as the projected first overall pick in his NHL Draft year. The amazing thing about this is that, because of his late birthday, Hall won’t be eligible to be drafted until 2010. What this means […]