Dewayne Wise: Earning his pinstripes

Dewayne Wise was a spring training invitee of the New York Yankees, and while he was not expected to make the team, he’s hopeful that he’ll don Yankee pinstripes at some point this season. It’ll be a tough challenge to rise the depth chart, but the MLB veteran has a few tricks up his new sleeves.


World Series predictions: Philadelphia Phillies and who cares?

The Philadelphia Phillies are usually a lock to get into the playoffs, but for the last couple of seasons, they’ve fallen short of the ultimate prize. Will injuries to Ryan Howard and Chase Utley hamper them this season, or do they have enough talent to sustain? And does any of this matter after 162 games have been played?


Blue Monday: Remembering Montreal’s new order

“Blue Monday” is a day that lives in infamy in the minds of Montreal Expos fans. That October day in 1981 when the Expos coughed up a 9th inning lead in the deciding game of the NLCS that eliminated Montreal from the postseason. 30 years later, few remembered the significance of the important event.


The Last Out – The Toronto Blue Jays in 1986 (1986)

Buck Martinez had a lengthy baseball career spent with three teams. He chronicled his final season as a player with “The Last Out – The Toronto Blue Jays in 1986” in which he talks about his team, his season and his life. The book captures moments in time, but fails to hit on all levels. Eric Rosenhek reviews why.

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The Good Point’s best athletes of 2011

Great teams are made up of great players. 2011 saw many of them rise up to the challenge and give us memories that will last a lifetime. Whether that greatness was due to a stat sheet or in incredible story, TheGP’s top writers and editors believe that these athletes deserve to be honored as the best of the year.

Other Sports

The Good Point’s best sports teams of 2011

This past year gave us dozens of memorable memories as the best teams across all sports put together phenomenal seasons. A collection of TheGP’s top writers and editors took a hard look at the best sports teams of 2011 and weigh in with why each of them are deserving to be named the greatest of the year.


Yes, Pete Rose was a Montreal Expo

Pete Rose and his illustrious career have been topics of conversation since the 1960s; between his accomplishments on the field and his behaviour off of it, it’s hard not to see why. Not content to leave his legacy alone, TheGP Baseball’s Eric Rosenhek brings up a forgotten chapter – his half-year stint with the Montreal Expos.


The designated hitter’s place in baseball

Toronto Blue Jays starter Ricky Romero played a key role in Toronto’s 5-0 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on June 26. Most of Romero’s contribution came from the mound – a complete game, four-hitter – but a portion of it came from home plate. In the sixth inning, Romero hit a key two-run single, […]


MLB interleague play: The guest that won’t leave

For many baseball fans, it was a dream turned into a reality. Interleague play. A chance to witness the battles of New York City, Chicago, Canada, Ohio, Missouri, Texas and California, just to name a few. Meaningful matches between geographical rivals who, until 1997, had to rely on exhibition games or an improbable chance meeting […]


Frequent flyer Mike McCoy helping Blue Jays in 2011

Mike McCoy has become an expert traveler. Traveling, of course, is customary for professional athletes, but there is extra significance for the Toronto Blue Jays infielder; airports have become another home. In fact, if you don’t see McCoy in the Blue Jays’ dugout, he’s probably inside an airport terminal. Since the start of this current […]