A closer look at the National Basketball League of Canada

Andre Levingston feels the time is right. Levingston is one of the founders of the National Basketball League of Canada, a new professional league set begin play this October. “There’s definitely a thirst and passion for the game of basketball in the country,” Levingston told the Canadian Press earlier this month. “We thought, if there ever was going […]


Steve Nash: Prime Minister in waiting

Let me just come out and say it: Steve Nash is Prime Minister material. Last week, Canadians went to the polls and gave current Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party a majority government. And while we look to the future and wonder what the next four years will look like, some will speculate who the next Prime Minister will be. My […]


The Chicago Bulls dynasty: Twenty years later

It’s completely acceptable for a man to cry in public; especially when that man is Michael Jordan and especially when he’s won his first NBA championship. It’s impossible to forget such an image. There he was, His Airness, clutching the Larry O’Brien trophy like a parent who found their missing child. Tears, mixed with sweat, ran down […]


The tao of Gregg Zaun

Gregg Zaun is the ultimate journeyman. Fifteen major league seasons with 10 separate teams. And don’t forget about the additional six seasons he spent in the Baltimore Orioles’ farm system either. Now the veteran catcher is eyeing a 16th MLB season with his 11th team, the San Diego Padres. But even if Zaun fails to […]


Tim Duncan: The silent superstar

Tim Duncan is the silent superstar. Silently, he’s led the San Antonio Spurs to four NBA championships. Silently, he’s been named the NBA Finals MVP three times. Silently, he’s a 13-time all-star, a former NBA Rookie of the Year and a two-time regular season MVP. Countless awards and accomplishments accumulate for the 34-year-old veteran. There’s no doubt he’s heading to the Hall of Fame […]


The NBA Explained: 10-Day Contracts

The NBA can be a confusing sport to cover for a multitude of reasons, but one that stands out in particular is the 10-day contract. Eric Rosenhek explains just how the micro-deal works, its advantages and its disadvantages.

Other Sports

TheGP’s Athletes of the Year (2010)

The year 2010 was a memorable one in professional and amateur sports; a constant flow of emotion and excitement. Whether it was the Saints bringing joy back to New Orleans with their Super Bowl victory, Sidney Crosby scoring the golden goal in Vancouver or Spain capturing their first World Cup, fans were captivated throughout the […]


Great Moments in Baseball (1992)

Rating: 8/10 Professional baseball has been defined by the memorable moments that have occurred over the last 100-plus years. We all have a favorite moment. For me, it was Joe Carters game-winning home run that gave the Toronto Blue Jays their second straight World Series title in 1993. I still get chills every time I […]


Making a case for the Grey Cup

Meaningful football will take place this Sunday, however, it will not involve the Nauseating Football League. Instead, it will involve two teams battling for one of professional football’s most storied titles: The Grey Cup. The 98th edition of the Canadian football championship will occur in Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium and features a rematch of last year’s […]


Business in the background: An LA Clippers story

The Los Angeles sports market is the type of place where a clich like “one is never enough” fits. Two professional baseball teams, two professional hockey teams, two professional soccer teams, four professional basketball teams and a bevy of college sports. Amongst this feast of sport is a unique dynamic involving basketball’s Lakers and Clippers. […]