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NCAA: Through Scandal and Incompetence

An all-powerful body polices college sports. That body makes up and enforces rules at it’s own convenience. That body often refuses to accept that changing times require changing bylaws. That body holds itself to a completely different, lower standard than the young adults it profits from. Increasingly, that body operates as though it was devoid of a head, with limbs operating according to their own devices without central oversight. It’s time someone put that body out to pasture.


The Sorry State of Sports Broadcasting

Nobody’s saying that dealing with an impromptu brownout during the largest television event of the year isn’t a difficult hurdle to overcome, but did CBS’ failure to navigate the Super Bowl XLVII hiccup smoothly reveal something about the state of sports broadcasting? Is the influx of former athletes in the media to blame? The demise of the sideline reporter?


Getting a bowl for Christmas and loving it

For sports fan, the holiday traditions this time of year includes the college football bowl season. With almost three dozen bowl games on the schedule, there will be no shortage of holiday cheering. Even as the NFL regular season winds down, it will take second place to the prime time bowl games which rarely fail to impress, unlike last weekend’s NFL schedule.


Just who are these Falcons?

Despite some excellent regular season success, the Atlanta Falcons have been surprisingly disappointing in the playoffs. Matt Ryan is winless in his postseason career, and while his Falcons look like they’re on their way to another playoff berth, their advanced statistics are showing that they may in fact have their worst team in years. Can they turn things around, or will history repeat itself once again?


Russell Wilson’s rise in Seattle

Russell Wilson is trying to redefine what it means to be an NFL quarterback. While the league maintains its belief that QBs under six feet aren’t able to see all the open receivers, Wilson – at 5’11” – has shown that he’s more than capable of completing a pass. His stellar numbers in the Big Ten prove it, but is that enough to land him a starting job in the only football league that matters?


Breaking down the NFL’s All-22 footage

The NFL recently announced that it will make available its “All-22” footage, which captures each of the 22 players on the field during a given play. For a subscription fee, fans will be able to review each and every play, giving them access to a new side of football never before open to the public.


Smith vs Newton: The battle for the best quarterback

When 49ers QB Alex Smith recently took shots at Panthers QB Cam Newton recently, it sparked a debate much larger than who is the better of the two. Instead, people are focusing on just what makes a great quarterback in the first place? Is it team wins or impressive personal statistics? The answer may help decide which QB you’d rather have on your team.


Campaigning to get Jerry Kramer into the hallowed Hall

Contrary to popular belief, Jerry Kramer, the legendary Green Bay Packer, is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His daughter Alicia is on a campaign to right that decades-old wrong and has discovered that it will take a Herculean effort to do so. Still, she feels that no amount of effort is too great to get her father the recognition she believes he deserves.


Riding the quarterback carosel

We’re barely into the NFL offseason, and already there’s been a flurry of activity, specifically at the quarterback position. Almost a quarter of the league’s teams have replaced their field leaders, leaving us with nothing but questions regarding the upcoming 2012 NFL season. The subplots will keep us entertained all summer long.


Questioning the balance of power at NCAA-driven schools

The Penn State scandal has rocked the sporting world to its core, causing many to question – more than usual – just how impactful and influential sporting programs at these universities are. Should school administrations be more accountable, or does the power that these programs yield justify their actions?