Chris Krieder, playing hockey

Chris Kreider made his mark on the NHL last June and July by becoming the player to score the most goals in a postseason without appearing in the regular season – and that was because he was busy winning an NCAA Championship. Kreider is back in the AHL honing his skills during the NHL lockout, and will certainly be a top threat for the New York Rangers when play resumes in the only league that matters.


The LaFontaine of youth: Reviving the Islanders

Remember when the New York Islanders were a good hockey team? Yeah, we don’t either. But with news breaking that former Isles great Pat LaFontaine (finally) being re-connected to the team – this time as a possible future owner – there may be hope that New York’s lesser franchise can regain glory in the same way we’ve seen others like Chicago and Pittsburgh rise from the ashes.


A welcome return to the AHL

With yet another NHL lockout upon them, many players are looking for alternative places to play. The young ones will be welcomed back to the American Hockey League where most will get some extra much-needed experience, as they did in 2004-05. With the added infusion of talent in the AHL, fans will still be able to get their hockey fix and watch an elite-level product at the same time.


Forced retirement thanks to an NHL lockout

With another lockout looming over the NHL, there’s a very real threat that CBA negotiations may go sour and we could lose another season. If that’s the case, we’ll also lose our final chance to see greats like Teemu Selanne, Jaromir Jagr and Daniel Alfredsson finish their careers the way they want to, and that may be a greater shame than anything else.


From riches to rags and back: The story of Mike Danton

A true comeback story if there ever was one, the legacy of Mike Danton is nothing if not shocking. After spending time in prison for conspiracy to commit murder, Danton’s on the road back to the NHL and has encountered numerous roadblocks along the way. Even if his journey does fall short of hockey’s premiere league, you can be sure that his name will be heard and remembered for a long time to come.


Bouncing back in 2012-13

When you look at the last season that Ducks players Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry had, you have to assume that this year will be better. Good players and teams that have poor campaigns find incredible pressure placed upon them to rebound, and looking at recent trends, there’s plenty of evidence to support the idea that teams like the Ducks and Lightning will be threats in this upcoming NHL season.


Closing the vault on NHL player contracts

Massive player contracts have done more than hinder teams trying to stay under the salary cap, but they’ve also actually helped to keep mediocre players being paid inflated numbers in the minor leagues. As the NHL and NHLPA go through discussions for a new CBA, getting owner spending under control will be paramount for financial success on both sides.


The offseason is when hockey is at its best

For most, the summer is the best time to be a hockey fan. Sure, there’s no games going on, but the excitement and anticipation that your team has a chance really makes things interesting. It’s the only time of the year when everybody is in it. By the end of the season, 29 teams will only leave their fans disappointed. In the summer, everybody’s on board.


Preparing the way for a gay athlete in the NHL

Homosexuality and hockey don’t mix. At least that’s what’s been preached for decades. Now, there seems to be a culture shift happening, but is the world ready for an openly gay athlete at the NHL level. Some believe such a player will be too much of a distraction, which is why we haven’t seen one yet. Others, like Tim Kolupanowich, welcome the idea of moving forward.

Hall of Fame

The NHL’s Most Respected Player

Nicklas Lidstrom is arguably the most respected man to play in the NHL. His trophy case is as long as anyone’s, and many of the records he holds will stand for decades. With his recent retirement, who’s next in line for that honor? Tim Kolupanowich takes a look at some of the gentlemen-in-waiting, hoping to become the successors to Lidstrom’s title.