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How Ticketmaster ruined professional sports

Let’s be blunt, now charges as much as 60% of face value ticket price in sporting event convenience fees alone. Before you spend another cent, stop and think about that for as long as it takes it to sink in. Never mind the fact that the price you ended up paying for two tickets […]

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Re-evaluating boxing’s stars

The present era of boxing, more than any other, is one that lacks any semblance of personality in its fighters. The present big draw of the sport is still Oscar De La Hoya, who has devolved from an exciting fighter who would take on anybody, to a promoter now appearing only to boost the profile […]

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Cabral Richards: Cabbie on the Net

You know exactly who I’m talking about, especially if you’re a sports fan and even more so if you’re Canadian – not to mention a fan of basketball, football, Canadian sport, hockey, national pride, baseball, humour, or quality television in general. After hitting the Home for the Hardcore as an intern back in the days […]