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T’was the Year 2008

T’was the year 2008 and from Jan to December, Each month in sports was one to remember. January saw LSU win the Bowl, Starting off 6-0, the Tigers would roll. Marion Jones then exchanged shoes for thugs, Spending six months in the pen for lying about drugs. Feb saw the Giants make a record disappear, […]

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Valuev-Holyfield, what boxing has come to?

Boxing certainly is not a perfect sport. Mismatches often happen, thanks to promoters looking to build up their fighters’ records. The results of matches being left in the hands of opinionated, inconsistent judges is also a much-too-frequent occurrence. What might be the sport’s absolute worst aspect, however, is shown case-in-point by this Saturday’s Nikolay Valuev-Evander […]

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Usain in the Membrane

It only took 9.69 seconds, but Usain Bolt managed to steal Michael Phelps’ thunder at the Beijing Olympics. Despite Phelps winning a staggering eight gold medals (five more than Bolt), none of them were individually more spectacular than Bolt’s pulsating sprint in the 100-meter dash. Memories are built on moments, not numbers. In the primest […]

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Steady Peddie keeps Toronto ticking

For most of us, the closest we get to being the president of a basketball team is by taking part in our various fantasy pools. We like the pretend feeling it gives us that we are the ones calling the shots from the big chair for a change. For Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) […]

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Another shot at saving boxing

If the sport of boxing is on the comeback trail, this Saturday evening will certainly be a part of the hike. Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao will be the two combatants to enter the ring in the latest effort to rejuvenate the sport, and it will likely be a try that eclipses the […]

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The Golden Days of Wrestling

Does anyone remember a time when pro wrestling was actually entertaining and fun to watch? Sometime last week I was doing the old procrastination routine (probably putting off studying for a midterm) when I found myself stumbling around on YouTube. I came across some old-school wrestling matches, which served as my inspiration for this article. […]

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Lennox Lewis, Britain’s contribution to Canada’s Hall of Fame

On November 6, 2008, Lennox Lewis was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Based on appearances alone, Lewis’ massive frame and long, dreadlock hairstyle makes him look part nightclub bouncer, part Whoopi Goldberg. British-born to Jamaican parents, the 6’5″ heavyweight boxer known for having a condor-like wingspan (84 inches) doesn’t immediately conjure up thoughts […]

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The evolution of HBO’s 24/7 boxing series

I’m fully willing to admit that boxing has not been the world’s most prosperous sport of late. In fact, if I pressed you to name 10 boxers off the top of your head, I would honestly be surprised if you could actually do it. There are many reasons for this decline, including a lack of […]

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Blogletes: Volume 1

When I came across my RSS feed this week something occurred to me; the websites that I and millions of others flock to on a terribly obsessive basis are more than just collections of images and text on digital screens, rather, these time-stealing entertainment factories also play significant roles in our day-to-day lives with personalities […]

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Around the Horn with Jim Van Horne

Jim Van Horne has long been synonymous with both radio and television broadcasting. Most prominently known for delivering sports from behind the desk as a TSN original, Van Horne is still going strong. Growing up listening to CHUM AM, Van Horne’s childhood dream was to be a DJ. He realized that dream in 1971 when […]