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UEFA salary cap to address financial woes in European Football

There was a considerable dose of apprehension permeating Europe when Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – a member of the ruling family of trillion dollar fortune in Abu Dhabi – established a majority stake in English Premier League (EPL) club Manchester City. As the economic climate looked to be turning grim heading into August […]


Ricky Rubio and the Spanish invasion

In 2001, Atlanta made little known Spanish forward Pau Gasol the No. 3 overall pick in the NBA draft, and following his subsequent trade to the Grizzlies he soon garnered Rookie of the Year honours. Since then, guards Jose Calderon, Juan Carlos Navarro, Sergio Rodriguez, Rudy Fernandez, Raul Lopez, forward Jorge Garbajosa and Pau’s younger […]


Lapierre to the Max

Each and every general manager in the National Hockey League shares the same objective: build a championship-winning team. A GM searches out players high and low with the ultimate goal of orchestrating a winning formula. It goes without saying that such a formula most certainly requires the proper components. While defence and goaltending are obviously […]


Brandon Roy, man crush

Deep in the bowels of RealGM’s NBA message board lays an unheard prophecy. “The Official I Have a Man Crush on Brandon Roy Club“, it reads. “… yes I am drunk, but still, how f’ing awesome is Mr. B.Roy?” I see this because it’s late on a Friday night and I’m sitting on my couch […]


Are free agents worth the money?

One of the most interesting parts of the NFL offseason is free agency. Players sign massive new deals, franchises rebuild or reload and fans get excited about their team’s new acquisitions. Is free agency really all it’s cracked up to be, though? For every Reggie White or Troy Vincent who makes an immediate and lasting […]

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The inverse relationship between net size and goals

Equipment in sports is just as important as the players who use it – most obviously, the nets. When you take a look at the nets used in hockey, basketball and lacrosse, you’ll see three different targets. While you may not feel a particular devotion to any or all of these sports, a light-hearted comparison […]


The Playoff Poem

Well, it’s that time of year again – the time when it’s just so much fun to be a hockey fan – the time for some good, old-fashioned playoff hockey. The race for John Tavares has officially come to a close and the New York Islanders are the winners. The weaker teams have all been […]

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The Stylish One

In today’s world, we all worry about our appearance – hockey players are no different. To the blind eye, when watching a hockey game, the equipment players wear is solely for protection. But, to many, these articles mean so much more. They are a way to express one’s self while in action, and, in hockey, […]


Winner takes all

The University of Kentucky boasts the winningest basketball program in the history of the NCAA. The Wildcats all-time percentage of .758 says it all; winning is everything. So, when second year head coach Billy Gillespie was dismissed following a .597 campaign (the worst Wildcat record since Basil Hayden’s squad went 3-13 in 1927) no one […]


The Plight of the AHL

With the Toronto Maple Leafs in the midst of a rebuilding project that started at the beginning of this season, it was inevitable that general manager Brian Burke would have to rely on his team’s AHL affiliate, the Toronto Marlies, to provide recruits for on-ice auditions. That, coupled with a host of Leafs injuries, forced […]