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Italian soccer’s rise from shame to triumph

Soccer is known across the globe as “The Beautiful Game.” Twenty-two men position themselves on a grassy field and proceed to complete a stunning arsenal of manoeuvres in an attempt to keep the ball in their possession long enough to find that precise moment where it can be knocked into the opposition’s goal. The world […]


Tradition-rich NCAA football returns

You see the students slowly start to file out of their dorm rooms, and head toward what will be their home for the next day. They start the tailgates at seven in the morning, even though the game isn’t scheduled to begin until later that night. You can hear the faint sound of the marching […]


The franchise-shattering swing of Francisco Cabrera

Francisco Cabrera killed the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is how he did it. With a 2-0 ninth-inning lead in Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series, the Pirates were on the brink of eliminating the Atlanta Braves and heading off to Toronto to face the powerful Blue Jays in the World Series. The Braves […]


Wasted life in the American League East, possible Armageddon

Life in the American League East is as miserable as it gets. It’s as depressing and pointless as anything has ever been or ever will be. The inevitable presence of doom that plagues its five-team membership repeatedly swallows the soul of hard-working, baseball-playing men, drowning their hopes in futility and dreams in despair. Much like […]


Ode to the Red Line

There you sit, center of centers, dividing the playing surface in two. Unlike your cousins, the blue lines, you perform a task ever so critical, a duty that is carried out by no other. You proudly sit in the middle of the cold ice surface, separating it ever so symmetrically into two indistinguishable halves. Skating […]


Winning over LeBron James

In a couple of months, the Cleveland Cavaliers will enter a realm of uncertainty as they embark on a season that will dictate the team’s future. Not surprisingly, that future depends on the future of their franchise player. As has been a point of discussion throughout the NBA for much of the past year, the […]


Is Michael Vick’s signing a message to Donovan McNabb?

The signing of Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles came as a bit of a surprise to most football fans. While it had been widely reported that Vick would be back in the NFL – with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots being floated as his two most likely destinations – few would have […]


The “most winningest” team in baseball

With 26 World Series championships, the New York Yankees are by far the most successful franchise in professional sports, and certainly the “most winningest” in baseball. With a 24.07 Championship Winning Percentage, the Yankees have proven themselves time and time again. If you name some of the greatest players in history, there’s a good chance […]


Jeremy Roenick’s persona is of a dying breed

The man was never a complex being, only stating his intentions and thoughts with various hues and arrays. And yet, it could not be more complicated to invoke a sentence, painting or photo that would singularly encompass the character and persona of Jeremy Roenick. Splatter a paint ball on canvas, however, and it might be […]

Hall of Fame

Saku Koivu’s debatable tenure in Montreal

In the summer of 1993, the city of Montreal was busy celebrating their hockey club’s 24th Stanley Cup championship. That same summer, the team drafted 18-year-old Saku Koivu, a promising young Finnish prospect playing for TPS in Finland’s SM-Liiga. After a couple more successful seasons in Europe, the Montreal faithful began to lick their proverbial […]