The Hinrich Maneuvre

As fans of any major sport, we all have favorite players growing up. There are those we naturally root for and others we choose to root for – it could be for any reason – their talent, their grittiness, their attitude. A player might just happen to be one of the best players on your favorite teams or perhaps they played for the college you once attended. Sometimes they’re the best in the league and many times they’re not. For Daniel Hanna, that’s Kirk Hinrich.


Levels of the Game (1969)

In 1968, Arthur Ashe faced Clark Graebner in one of the most memorable US Open matches of all-time. The story behind the two players and their lives leading up to the historic semifinal are told by John McPhee in his book “Levels of the Game” that came out the following year. McPhee’s book gives a deep and thorough analysis of the event without making himself part of the narrative, and the book is even better for it.


California’s underrated blockbuster

Marco Scutaro has been vastly undervalued throughout his career, and while the 36-year-old Venezuelan has gone through some slumps, he’s also been at the forefront of many critical moments for several of the franchises he’s played for. This was never more evident than his MVP performance in the 2012 NLCS, where he ensured that he’ll be a widely sought after player when he hits free agency this winter.


The KHL threat is overrated

Let’s be clear. This opinion doesn’t arise from a pro-North American, staunchly-nationalistic point of view akin to the sentiments of many Canadians during the Cold War era. Instead, it is simply an unfiltered look at the realities of both the NHL and KHL. As things stands right now, the NHL is embroiled in both a […]


New England clam chowder

It’s not so much that sports fans are stupid as much as it is that they can do stupid things. I don’t feel out of line saying that, because I’m convinced it’s true and I know that I’m not an exception. We’re stupid, but not everyone is stupid in the same way. That’s what I […]


How to succeed in college football without really trying

Many college football teams are having success this season not by fielding intense offenses, but instead by shutting down the opponents’ attack with superb defenses. Looking back at recent national champions suggests that defense may, in fact, be the way to go when building a program. Is strong defense really that much more valuable over a potent offense?


Just cancel the NHL season already!

With the outright rejection of three new proposals from the NHLPA to the NHL, the thought is beginning to settle in that we may not see NHL hockey anytime soon. With dramatic pronouncements from both Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr on Thursday afternoon, discussions between the two sides broke off, and with such a drastic distance between their two perspectives, perhaps fans should settle in for the long haul.


Evaluating the postseason dropouts

With six teams gone from the 2012 MLB postseason, we can speculate as to their chances to make it back and play meaningful October baseball in the next few years. With a crumbling NL East and re-shaped AL West next year, some teams look to have an easy ticket while others may have to battle. Then there’s Baltimore… Newton’s Third Law will surely catch up to them, won’t it?


The Australian’s survival guide to playoff baseball (part 2)

After a tumultuous start to the postseason, we’ve reached the championship series’, and for fans in Australia, that means even more overnight baseball. With extended commercial breaks and aggressive girlfriends running rampant, there’s hardly a better time of year for this game. However, when watching live baseball at 3 a.m., please, watch out for hat-brooms…


Chris Krieder, playing hockey

Chris Kreider made his mark on the NHL last June and July by becoming the player to score the most goals in a postseason without appearing in the regular season – and that was because he was busy winning an NCAA Championship. Kreider is back in the AHL honing his skills during the NHL lockout, and will certainly be a top threat for the New York Rangers when play resumes in the only league that matters.