How the Nationals blew it using five pitches

The finish to last Friday’s decisive NLDS game between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals was truly historic. After blowing a massive lead, the Nats were a mere strike away from clinching victory. Five times that opportunity slipped through their fingers. But it wasn’t just an awful final inning that put them away. It was a season of ups and downs that set the scene for the ultimate collapse.


The L.A. rivalry that’s outgrowing the Staples Center

For years, the so-called “rivalry” between the two Los Angeles-based teams in the NBA, the Lakers and the Clippers, was little more than a David and Goliath scenario. But with the summer of 2011, all that changed as the Clippers seriously upgraded their roster. The Lakers responded in kind in 2012 and now, the battle for the Staples Center looks like it could be hotter – and more exciting – than ever.


Why baseball’s MVP Award shouldn’t be the most presigious

The great debate to close out the 2012 MLB regular season has been the battle between Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera and Anaheim’s Mike Trout for the AL MVP Award. However, baseball award voters seem to gloss over the fact that the Hank Aaron Award, given to each league’s best hitter, may be more presigious overall. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler makes his case.


Columbus Blue would suit John Davidson

If the Columbus Blue Jackets are serious about improving their fortunes in the coming years (or whenever NHL hockey is played again), they’d better do all they can to welcome John Davidson into the fold. With news of Davidson’s departure from St. Louis coming late last week, the former President of Hockey Operations instantly became […]


Kelly: At Home on Third (1992)

Despite a relatively-short career, former third baseman Kelly Gruber established himself as a fan favorite in the hearts and minds of the Blue Jays faithful. As a member of Toronto’s first World Series championship team, Gruber released an auto-biography regarding his life in, and opinions on baseball. While not terribly revealing, the book does shed some light on the career of the all-star third bagger.


The Australian’s survival guide to playoff baseball (part 1)

The MLB playoffs are far-reaching. In fact, baseball fans in Australia will even spend ungodly hours of the day in front of their televisions with all the necessary provisions, cheering on their Yankees or sharing worldwide shock and amazement courtesy of the Athletics. Here’s some insight as to how those Down Under do it, courtesy of The Good Point’s resident Aussie, Harlan Ambrose.


The Capitals and their crisis of faith

The Washington Capitals employed a style of hockey last season that, while helping them win the Presidents’ Trophy, could be argued was ineffective, as the team lost in the opening round of the playoffs for the second time in three years. With massive personnel changes shaking the team, can they right the ship, or are they doomed to fall short when it matters most?


What “Concussions and our Kids” says about a crucial issue facing sports

Dr. Robert Cantu is a leading neurosurgeon and an expert when it comes to concussions and sports. His book, “Concussions and our Kids,” provides a thorough analysis of the problem and offers possible solutions for sports-related concussions – or at least ways to mitigate them, and does so through detailed explanations and examples. Trust us, it’s worth your time.


The LaFontaine of youth: Reviving the Islanders

Remember when the New York Islanders were a good hockey team? Yeah, we don’t either. But with news breaking that former Isles great Pat LaFontaine (finally) being re-connected to the team – this time as a possible future owner – there may be hope that New York’s lesser franchise can regain glory in the same way we’ve seen others like Chicago and Pittsburgh rise from the ashes.


What Canadians talk about when remembering ’72

Paul Henderson’s epic series-clinching goal in the 1972 Summit Series has been debated as one of the greatest hockey moments in the history of the sport. Now, 40 years later, the debate on the series between Canada and the Soviets rages on, as does Henderson’s eligibility in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Mark Milner adds his voice – as a Canadian – to the discussion.