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Instigating a plan for head shots

With the recent suspensions to Montreal Canadien Tom Kostopolous and Ottawa Senator Jarkko Ruutu for head shots, the NHL’s disciplinarian, Colin Campbell recently sent out a memo to all 30 teams reminding them that the league is not going to take head shots lightly. An excerpt of the memo stated, “We cannot and will not […]


Recession means lockout for an unprepared NHL

With an inevitable recession looming and just about everybody becoming more cautious of spending money, the National Hockey League is entering their third post-lockout year in a row with an increased salary cap. In the NHL’s first season under the new collective bargaining agreement, the cap was set at $39 million with a minimum set […]

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Exactly why the Maple Leafs are the bane of the NHL

Nearly 25 years ago, I was born in a corner of Northern Ontario far removed from the feverish commotion of the province’s south and even farther removed from any obligatory allegiance to the overwhelmingly divisive Toronto Maple Leafs. Having lived my life aware of but not particularly attached to the iconical franchise, it surprised me […]


Young and Restless: The story of John Tavares and his last OHL season

For over three long years, hockey fans have anticipated the arrival of a softspoken teenager from Oakville, Ontario, a kid once widely thought talented enough to challenge the NHL’s rigid age limit policy. And, for years, those fans had every reason to believe an exception for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft was all but guaranteed. […]


Pro-bound Pietrangelo talks NHL draft

Alex Pietrangelo is a big guy, especially wearing skates, so the fact that the 18-year-old defensemen is being highly touted as one of the best linemen prospects in the NHL this season really comes as no surprise. Even less of a surprise, however, is the fact that Pietrangelo has proven himself to host a similar […]