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Apr. 30 - ()

Ben Wallace put forth one of the most dominant sub-10 PPG runs in NBA history and, as a result, his fantasy value hinges largely on the scoring format of the leagues drafting him. Wallace is a must own big man in leagues that give extra weight to rebounds and defensive stats - an impressive feat for a famously defensive player with offensive shortcomings - but he won't hit quite as hard in leagues that favor heavy scorers. Profile Page

Apr. 30 - ()

Grant Hill's tenure with the Detroit Pistons was historically great but everything after that point is marred by debilitating injuries. The versatile small forward did end up establishing himself as a solid rotation piece with the Phoenix Suns late in his career but those late 90s performances were truly elite. Profile Page

Apr. 30 - ()

NBA fans never did get the opportunity to see an unleashed Yao Ming for a full 82-game season but the giant flashed his unprecedented potential during the middle portion of his career. Yao had three healthy seasons upon entering the league but the DNPs started coming in droves just as he began taking his game to the next level. Profile Page

Feb. 14 - Julius Randle (NYK)

The New York Knicks haven't been afraid to lean on Julius Randle after signing him to a substantial three-year, $57M contract in the offseason but that hasn't come with increased production. Despite logging a career high in minutes per game this season, Randle's true shooting percentage is the lowest it's been since his first full NBA campaign. Given the uncertainty in New York this year, it's still possible that he gets back to where he left off in New Orleans eventually.Julius Randle Profile Page

Feb. 14 - ()

Dennis Smith Jr. is still just 22 years old, less than three years removed from getting drafted as one of the highest ceiling rookies in a deep class, but eventually it's going to get difficult to remain optimistic about the guard's chances of developing into a star. Smith Jr. has looked nearly unplayable at times in 2019-20, although it's easy to wonder if he's just another victim of mismanagement within the Knicks franchise. Hang on to him in deep dynasty leagues if you've already come this far but otherwise steer clear. Profile Page

NBA News

Diamond Leung on Zion Williamson
A Florida judge ruled that pending discovery requests related to the issue of Zion Williamson's eligibility for student-athlete status can for now move forward. What does it all mean for the former Duke star? With @DanaONeilWriter:
 5 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Evan Daniels on Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley is the next guest on the @247Sports Social Distance series. It was a fun, wide ranging conversation. The full episode, plus stories and clips will drop tomorrow morning.
 6 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Doug Smith: Raptors on Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam on the troubles of the times. Racism "needs to be called out"
 9 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Mitch Lawrence on Vince Carter
Maybe Vince Carter’s No. 1 accomplishment: Took a generation of Canadian kids and showed them that there was more to sports than hockey. He got them to change to basketball. #Gamechanger
 11 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Brad Turner on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks with Lakers about George Floyd's death
 22 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Jason Lieser on Mike Glenn
While Kaepernick remains out of the league, by the way, Mike Glennon has been signed THREE times since he left the Bears.
 53 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Tim Kawakami on Steve Kerr
Just recorded a fantastic podcast conversation with Steve Kerr. It'll post tonight.
 60 minutes ago • Read on Twitter
Dime on Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson has arrived 👏
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter
Jason Lieser on Mike Glenn
Akiem Hicks was advocating for Colin Kaepernick to get a job as a QB or in a social justice position with the NFL when he pulled the pin on "We signed Mike Glennon."
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter
The Bright Side on Monty Williams
Prepare for a fantastic listen on the @SunsJAM Sesssion. Following his release of an open letter expressing his thoughts during a time of unrest, @Suns coach Monty Williams then spoke to local media via Zoom about it. Here is that audio.
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter
Sports Illustrated on LeBron James
"Is it still surprising at this point. Sure isn’t! You literally still don’t understand why Kap was kneeling on one knee??” LeBron James was one of many athletes who addressed Drew Brees’s comments about NFL players kneeling
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter
HoopsHype on Michael Jordan
Who got the most air time in the Michael Jordan documentary?
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter
Orlando Pinstriped Post on Zion Williamson
The NBA’s apparent insistence on having Zion Williamson back on the court could cost the Orlando Magic
 1 hours ago • Read on Twitter