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Feb. 14 - Julius Randle (NYK)

The New York Knicks haven't been afraid to lean on Julius Randle after signing him to a substantial three-year, $57M contract in the offseason but that hasn't come with increased production. Despite logging a career high in minutes per game this season, Randle's true shooting percentage is the lowest it's been since his first full NBA campaign. Given the uncertainty in New York this year, it's still possible that he gets back to where he left off in New Orleans eventually.Julius Randle Profile Page

Feb. 14 - Dennis Smith Jr. (NYK)

Dennis Smith Jr. is still just 22 years old, less than three years removed from getting drafted as one of the highest ceiling rookies in a deep class, but eventually it's going to get difficult to remain optimistic about the guard's chances of developing into a star. Smith Jr. has looked nearly unplayable at times in 2019-20, although it's easy to wonder if he's just another victim of mismanagement within the Knicks franchise. Hang on to him in deep dynasty leagues if you've already come this far but otherwise steer clear.Dennis Smith Jr. Profile Page

Feb. 14 - Andre Drummond (CLE)

For the first time since early in his career, there's uncertainty surrounding Andre Drummond. The big man has been one of the league's premier rebounders for the past half decade but now shares a frontcourt crowded with other veteran bigs capable of eating into his playing time, rebound percentage or both. Drummond may never get the chance to be a top scoring option again given the way the league is trending but he'll be a dominant force on the glass wherever he lands up long-term, whether that's in Cleveland or elsewhere.Andre Drummond Profile Page

Feb. 14 - Khris Middleton (MIL)

The fact that Khris Middleton's 2019-20 statline looks eerily similar to his 2017-18 one despite playing nearly seven fewer minutes per game should tell you all you need to know about the 28-year-old's continued development. Middleton has established himself as a legitimate All-Star and No. 2 option on a title contender.Khris Middleton Profile Page

Feb. 6 - Malik Beasley (MIN)

After emerging as a solid depth piece for the stacked Denver Nuggets in 2018-19, Malik Beasley saw his role in Colorado shrink through no fault of his own. A trade deadline deal will send the 23-year-old to Minnesota where he has a legitimate chance of making an impact on a team in desperate need of one. The Wolves will have Beasley's Bird Rights in the event that they want to commit long-term in the summer but before that happens he'll need to show the promise he displayed last season.Malik Beasley Profile Page

NBA News

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Jason Richardson talked about the unforgettable 'We Believe' Warriors in the HoopsHype podcast. Some personalities on that team!
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HoopsHype on Jason Richardson
Jason Richardson talked about the unforgettable 'We Believe' Warriors in the HoopsHype podcast. Some personalities on that team!
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NEW: Had fun with this project - In a testament to the Heat's ability to eyeball good young talent, a veteran NBA scout and I assessed where Bam, Duncan Robinson, Nunn and Herro would be re-drafted if 2017, '18 and '19 drafts were done today:
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Jeff Goodman on Miles Simon
That Arizona run through three No. 1 seeds to win the national title in ‘97 was ridiculous. Made the drive with my now-wife from Boston (picked up a buddy in Jersey on the way) to Indy to watch Lute Olson, Miles Simon and the Wildcats win the title.
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Phoenix Suns on Connie Hawkins
“That was the greatest individual performance I’ve ever seen." 50 years ago today, Connie Hawkins' iconic performance tipped-off the most storied rivalry in franchise history.
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The battle is close between two MVPs. Will @TexasLegends legend @JustinDentmon take it or will @SouthBayLakers great Vander Blue (@veezy_SQ) make a comeback?
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