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Heil and Bilodeau: Before the glory

For amateur athletes, there is no greater achievement than standing proudly atop the Olympic podium, watching in awe as their country’s flag is raised, their national anthem is played and a golden treasure resting solemnly around their neck. No matter which end of the globe one calls home, for an athlete, this wondrous moment is […]

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Whining without words: The Anderson Silva saga

UFC 112 was supposed to be a spectacular night in MMA history; instead fans and proponents of the sport were left confused and looking for answers from the man who has been dubbed “the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world.” Held in Abu Dhabi, 112 was the first ever UFC event held in […]

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Inside the secret world of underground game trading

On Feb. 28, the Olympic men’s ice hockey game between Canada and the United States set records in TV viewership. According to the Canadian Press, it was seen by at least 26.5 million people in Canada alone; with the US ratings added, it was seen by close to 40 million. It’s setting records in another […]

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The year 2010 in a time-travelling nutshell

January: Halfway through a NCAA regular season game against Arkansas, 2010 NBA draft lottery lock John Wall completes an alley-oop to himself (off the backboard, no less), causing ESPN analyst Dick Vitale’s larynx to explode on air. The NFC wins the Pro Bowl 24-17, despite Chris Johnson’s best effort and a 98-yard touchdown run. February: […]

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T’was the Year 2009

T’was the year 2009 and from Jan to December; Each month in sports was one to remember. In January, outdoor hockey was the most beautiful of things; At Wrigley the Blackhawks fell to the Wings. In ’08 at Beijing,¬†Phelps¬†owned fools like Kong; And he started ’09 by hitting the bong. In February, the Steelers took […]

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Italian soccer’s rise from shame to triumph

Soccer is known across the globe as “The Beautiful Game.” Twenty-two men position themselves on a grassy field and proceed to complete a stunning arsenal of manoeuvres in an attempt to keep the ball in their possession long enough to find that precise moment where it can be knocked into the opposition’s goal. The world […]

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The merit of Bill Simmons on PTI

Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon are the cantankerous and argumentative hosts of ESPN‘s Pardon the Interruption five days a week – or so. When they don’t, the show has a long list of people who fill in for either or both of them. It’s a list that includes media stalwarts like Bob Ryan and Jason […]

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Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course: History revisited

For the fourth time in history, the grounds that once served as the holding for the Lords of Galloway during the Middle Ages, will play backdrop to golf’s most historic tournament as Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course hosts the 138th Open Championship this week. Turnberry Resort’s Ailsa Course first hosted the Open Championship in 1977 with […]

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Ranking North America’s All-Star games

All-Star games have taken on a special significance for athletes, coaches, journalists and fans. It provides a time to reflect on everything that has occurred so far in a sport’s respective season and what needs to be achieved in the future. Most of all, they allow the best of the best to showcase their talents […]

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The Fall and Rise of Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick. Just hearing those two words brings many different thoughts or feelings to mind, depending on what side of the tennis fence you sit. Fans of Roddick see him as strong, charismatic, and, although sometimes very outspoken, one of the best players in the game right now. Others see him as a whiny, mentally […]