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Embracing gay athletes in professional sports

Are professional sports taking away players’ rights when it comes to sexuality? In the fall of 2010, the United States military went from, “don’t ask, don’t tell” to “be gay, it’s okay.” It refers, of course, to a soldier’s sexual orientation. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, and Pope Benedict himself have denounced homosexuality. […]

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Can Bleacher Report be saved?

If you want to write for Bleacher Report these days, you have to apply to get in. The internet’s most infamous sports writing website, the one that was supposed to liberate sports media and turn the opinion pages to the fans, now requires an application. It’s not going to save the site’s reputation, but it’s […]

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TheGP’s Athletes of the Year (2010)

The year 2010 was a memorable one in professional and amateur sports; a constant flow of emotion and excitement. Whether it was the Saints bringing joy back to New Orleans with their Super Bowl victory, Sidney Crosby scoring the golden goal in Vancouver or Spain capturing their first World Cup, fans were captivated throughout the […]

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T’was the year 2010

T’was the year 2010 and from Jan to December; Each month in sports was one to remember. In college football it was Texas, the Crimson Pride would destroy; But the Longhorns were hurting without star McCoy. The Winter Classic saw Flyers/Bruins, a rivalry confirmed; The Bruins got the winner in overtime from Sturm. At the […]

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When pro sports became a video game

Every sports video gamer has experienced it at least once over the years. That one time they took their favorite team and turned it into more of an all-century franchise than a realistic salary cap-abiding club. Whether through forced trades, neglected budgets, disabled salary caps, or the ol’ trade-11-draft-picks-for-Albert-Pujols tactic (Thanks, MVP Baseball 2005), cheating […]

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Sports travel takes a leap forward

In the year 2010, all it takes is the push of a button to receive up-to-the-minute updates from the vicariously covered sports world. This is due in large part to the millions of dollars devoted annually by technology companies such as Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) to consistently advance their products through software engineering. […]

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Shooting the breeze with four Olympic medalists

Back in March of this year, if one were to research Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery on Wikipedia, they may have been surprised to find that the skeleton racer’s profile opened with “Jon Montgomery is totally awesome in every way.” It may be the case that the Russell, Manitoba native is “awesome in every way” […]

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Uncovering the most hopeless sports cities in North America

From 2007-2008, sports fans and media folk in the metropolis area of Boston, Massachusetts were riding a consistent feeling of ecstasy. No, they hadn’t gone to a pill-popping high school rave; rather they were treated to a plateful of incredible professional sports clubs in their own backyard. In those two fateful calendar years, the Red […]

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So Klose, but so far away

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, just barely out of reach you are. This seems to be the new anthem of the German national soccer team, as they are finding it ever so difficult to find that elusive fourth World Cup star – a pinnacle which has eluded them for two dreadfully long decades. The German squad […]

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World Cup smorgasbord

On June 4, 2010, the 19th FIFA World Cup commenced in South Africa, where 32 of the world’s best soccer countries came together to do battle for the sport’s ultimate prize. Eight groups, containing four nations apiece, shaped the round-robin play. Here, teams have been competing for the past two-and-half weeks in an attempt to […]