Gretzky to Lemieux: The Story of the 1987 Canada Cup (2007)

Rating: 8/10 It was 1987 and hockey’s cold war was in full effect. In January, a Canada/USSR game at the World Junior championships ended with both teams brawling as the lights were turned off. A month later, NHL All-Stars and the Soviet National team split a two-game series in Quebec City. In September, they faced […]

Movie Reviews

The Blind Side (2009)

Rating: 6/10 The Blind Side is a powerful movie with heartwarming message that led the way to the 2009 Academy Awards, picking up a Best Picture nomination in the process. Judging by its mass success, the film from director John Lee Hancock can be enjoyed by people of all ages interested in a transformation story. […]


Great Moments in Baseball (1992)

Rating: 8/10 Professional baseball has been defined by the memorable moments that have occurred over the last 100-plus years. We all have a favorite moment. For me, it was Joe Carters game-winning home run that gave the Toronto Blue Jays their second straight World Series title in 1993. I still get chills every time I […]

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Murderball (2005)

Rating: 10/10 When true stories are adapted for a big screen treatment, it’s usually a hit-or-miss deal. Documentaries, on the other hand, pack much more of an impassioned punch that resonates for a much longer period of time. Murderball, the documentary at hand about wheelrchair rugby, is a perfect example of how these projects are […]

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Frozen (2010)

Rating: 7/10 Frozen is the latest entry in the “bottle film” category. Usually a term applied to television shows, a bottle film is when a movie is shot at one location and that location only. Horror films, like this one, tend to use this method of filmmaking in order to build intensity and make its […]

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127 Hours (2010)

Rating: 7/10 127 Hours, the latest film from director Danny Boyle of Academy Award-winning Slumdog Millionaire fame, features sequences of stylistic peril, humor and one of the most gruesome scenes in recent memory. Unfortunately, although the real life story of mountain climber Aron Ralston may be harrowing and courageous, the film manages to fall in […]


Summer of ’49 (1989)

Rating: 8/10 It’s the cliche rivalry in baseball and arguably all of sports: the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Throughout the history of baseball, it’s been the one lasting true rivalry; it’s gone nearly 100 years. And if you’re not a fan of either team, it’s hard to really care about the […]

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When pro sports became a video game

Every sports video gamer has experienced it at least once over the years. That one time they took their favorite team and turned it into more of an all-century franchise than a realistic salary cap-abiding club. Whether through forced trades, neglected budgets, disabled salary caps, or the ol’ trade-11-draft-picks-for-Albert-Pujols tactic (Thanks, MVP Baseball 2005), cheating […]


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the NHL Draft

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is not an easy name to forget. Even harder when you’ve actually seen him play a game. It’s not out of the ordinary to see the youngster with his name from shoulder-to-shoulder going end-to-end for the Red Deer Rebels in the WHL. Nugent-Hopkins really came into the hockey spotlight last June following the […]


The 2011 NBA MVP Race, 20 games in

UPDATE: Hindsight is 20/20, and apparently so are a number of The Good Point‘s readers. Mark Milner decided that he would once and for all take a good, hard look at the Derrick Rose MVP bandwagon in honor of the 2010-11 season’s 40-game mark. Readers, this one is for you. *** With most of the […]