Auburn’s first loss may not be their last

The Auburn Tigers’ 17-game winning streak was snapped Saturday by the other band of Tigers from Clemson, and it may be a while before they’re able to get anywhere close to another one. It’s not unusual for title-winning teams to take a step back in the next season, particularly in college football where success often […]


The optimist’s fantasy basketball primer

When it comes to fantasy basketball, I’d like to think of myself as an optimist. I believe that, despite all of the glaring signs that point to there being no season, or a half season, that Billy Hunter and the fat cat owners will come to their senses and deliver us from the despair of […]


College football’s superhaves and have-nots

In Week 2, both the University of Florida and Michigan State University posted huge, shutout victories. The Spartans shut down Florida Atlantic’s offense, limiting them to just one first down. The Gators blew the University of Alabama-Birmingham out with in a 39-0 win. These wins don’t just speak to offense over defense, but to a […]

Hall of Fame

A Marathon of Hope: Jay Triano remembers Terry Fox

On April 12, 1980, Terrance Stanley Fox filled two bottles with ocean water from the Atlantic and headed west from St. John’s, Newfoundland. And so began his marathon. This, however, was no ordinary marathon. This was something far more special. This, was a Marathon of Hope. While an ordinary marathon runs a distance of 42.2 […]


Among offseason tragedies, positives abound in NHL

They say negativity is contagious. This past offseason, the NHL caught the bug. If one stretches past the summer and into the 2010-11 season, it has been a heartbreaking year for the greatest game on ice. Suspensions were frequent and head shots were rampant. Most infamously, the professional hockey community sustained nearly 50 deaths over […]


My relationship with the NBA. It’s complicated

Sociologists are quick to assume that young people these days have lax attitudes towards their relationships. I, personally, would say the opposite is true and argue that what may seem to be casual relationships to some are rather brimming with passion. The complexities of my own multi-year relationship with the NBA serve as a case […]


Four’s a crowd in Phillies rotation

While most teams in late September are simply scratching and clawing for the chance to make the playoffs, a few teams have more breathing room; tweaking the finer details of their batting order, situational statistics, pitching matchups, and the minutia that may just make a big difference down the line. The Philadelphia Phillies are one […]


Lessons learned from Oklahoma’s FSU victory

The Oklahoma Sooners have been college football’s top-ranked team in the Associated Press poll from the preseason on this year, but Saturday marked their first real chance to live up to the hype. Week 1’s 47-14 win over Tulsa was impressive, but it was the Week 2 road clash against No. 5 Florida State that […]


Fielder and Braun agree, free agency chatter silenced by success

From July 26 to August 28, the Brewers put together a sparkling 27-6 record. They held a 10.5-game lead in a tough NL Central Division and looked virtually incapable of ever slowing down. Now, though, having lost nine of their last 15 games and with their division lead shrinking, the club sits firmly in the […]


Saint Patrick and the Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald is intense. At least, that’s what his players say. His program is run his way and players are expected to deal with it. From the program’s academic goals (he expects his players to succeed as students at one of the premier academic universities in the United States) to […]