Play Their Hearts Out (2010)

All the rankings of teenage basketball players and callous attempts to sign the top-rated high schooler in the country starts at the grassroots level. Schools go out of their way to make these young boys comfortable from the very second they enter high school as a freshman. You’ve heard about it before; new houses, new cars, the best shoes, and promises that even the best coaches sometimes can’t fulfill. It starts even earlier in Play Their Hearts Out.


The NBA All-Star Weekend Debrief

Has the NBA All-Star Weekend lost its appeal? P.J. Carr takes a thorough look at where it’s been, where it is, and where the festivities might be headed. As well, where does the February showdown stack up to mid-season classics from the other major professional sports? It might not be long before even the All-Star Game itself starts looking more and more like the NFL’s Pro Bowl.


The best and worst basketball games ever

From realism to ridiculousness, basketball games have had some of the most diverse styles among any sports game. Some games were amazing, keeping the controller glued to your hand for weeks, while others were so bad that playing them at all took years off your life. Which are the greatest of all time? Which are the worst? PJ Carr lets you know.

Other Sports

The fall and rise of UFC

The history of the UFC has been a turbulent one. The sport’s fledging story began in 1993, and the difference between product offered then and that seen now is light night and day. Still, like any business, growing pains were necessary for the company to become the multi-million dollar empire it is, and much of that success is owed to one man: Dana White.


Building a “big three” in the NBA

Building a “big three” such as those found in Miami, Oklahoma City and now Los Angeles requires money and a desirable location for all-star-caliber players. Recent history has shown that teams with more than one go-to guy have been wildly more successful than those without, and PJ Carr proves it.