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Speed Thrills: How pace shapes the way we consume professional sports

Billy Hamilton

There’s a general consensus that baseball is a fascinating and deeply complicated sport, but it’s never exactly been a source of fast-paced thrills. How, then, in a world where speed and tempo make basketball, hockey and football teams stand out among their peers, are the best teams in MLB often the ones who slow the game down the most? What does it all mean?


The Tommy John Chronicles: Matt Harvey Edition

Matt Harvey

Dear Mets fan, Matt Harvey has a partial tear of his ulnar collateral ligament, and you are helpless. You worried that this might happen, that the prized young Mets prospect might go down with any pitch, all the while you delighted to his dominance, a bright orange lining that turned up when you were feeling blue. You recognized that he was no flash in the pan and that his talent was real and lasting – or at least as lasting as the baseball gods would allow. But then fate struck.


The Bronx is Burning

Alex Rodriguez

It’s been a long, depressing year for Yankees fans this season, plagued by Alex Rodriguez drama, injuries and the constant, looming nuisance of mortality. With A-Rod, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera all shells of their former selves, are the glory days of the franchise behind them?


Kevin Pillar: Life Before the Bigs

Kevin Pillar

In pronouncing Kevin Pillar’s name, put the emphasis on the second syllable. In emphasizing Pillar’s path to the Majors, pronounce the Blue Jays outfielder a scout-doubted, self-motivated steamroller. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler connects with the young man to discuss life, obstacles and the journey that has taken him through minor league baseball to the Bigs.


Bud Selig, Steroids and Legacies

Welcome to Stage 4 of Major League Baseball’s continuing relationship with steroids and other such performance-enhancing drugs: the Avenging Angel stage. It’s been a long and interesting road. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler walks us through where we’ve been, where we’re going and what it all means for Bud Selig.


The Adage that Didn’t Add Up

There is a popular saying that goes a little like this: Baseball’s the only avenue in life in which you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered a success. While it’s been around for years and in many different forms, you can especially thank Pete Rose for it. Does it make sense? Do you agree with the sentiment? Good. Now let’s attack it.


Is the MLB All-Star Game worth too much?

2013 MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game is unlike those in the other three major professional sports in the sense that it counts for something, but with home-field advantage in the upcoming World Series on the line, is it worth too much? Nick Faris reconsiders the Midsummer Classic.


Man of Steal: Why Superman is better suited for the diamond than grid iron

Superman is Baseball

Superman is a wholesome figure, a symbol of tradition, pleasant summers and family fun. Batman? Not as much. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler explains why the Man of Steel is better suited for the diamond while his caped counterpart has more in common with the grid iron.


Major League Baseball in Australia

Clayton Kershaw

Major League Baseball has played its biggest card in the quest to develop baseball in Australia. Having already rejuvenated the previously defunct Australian Baseball League (ABL), Major League Baseball is bringing its iconic opening day to Sydney, Australia. Might a Major League series be the perfect spark to ignite the increasing public interest in Australian baseball?


Countdown to the Byron Buxton Countdown

Byron Buxton

The Minnesota Twins have a long history of success. Unfortunately, it’s one that’s been marred of late by injuries to key players and various cases of underachievement. Luckily for Twins fans, their fortunes have already started to course correct in the form of superstar prospect Byron Buxton. Will 19-year-old Buxton eventually save the franchise?