My brother, my keeper

During the opening month of this season’s NHL campaign, there happened to be an inter-conference battle between the Minnesota Wild and the Montreal Canadiens. The contest carried with it a wonderful aura inherent only when East meets West. Besides being the one and only Montreal-Minnesota clash of the season, there was an additional element of […]


The Collapse of Golden State

Losing your star player to injury for the first half of the season can cause some major problems. Losing your team leader and point guard to free agency can cause even more. When two of your other starters demand a trade (one’s already been dealt) problems seem to arise everywhere, unless of course you’re playing […]


Philadelphia sports: Drought free since 2008

Every now and then the stars align above bustling Philadelphia and the seas of a luckless city’s toughest competition gracefully part in order to allow the consummation of karmic redemption. Whether it be a New York Mets baseball club crashing to the National League finish line like an alpaca with a broken tibia, or the […]


All they needed was two

I’m not one to switch favourite teams in sports, so it can’t be said that I’ve had much success as a fan. What I’ve gotten out of the four major team sports are the 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays World Series wins, and, more or less, nothing else. Those two wins are likely to […]


All-Star Rondo puts Celtics on record pace

How quickly things have changed for Kevin Garnett. Just two years removed from the consistent struggles that overshadowed his personal brilliance in Minnesota, KG is now the proud owner of a championship ring, and in pursuit of another in record fashion. With December underway, the Boston Celtics are in the midst of an 18-game win […]

Hall of Fame

Bears Eat Beets: The Minnesota Wild logo essay

When the Minnesota Wild logo was initially unveiled back 1998, the context in which sport was perceived would, essentially, change forever. Whether we knew it or not, one man’s artistic recreation of a “wild” would be enough to permanently alter the memetic landscape of professional athletics. If the simplistic nature of the New York Yankees’ […]

Other Sports

Valuev-Holyfield, what boxing has come to?

Boxing certainly is not a perfect sport. Mismatches often happen, thanks to promoters looking to build up their fighters’ records. The results of matches being left in the hands of opinionated, inconsistent judges is also a much-too-frequent occurrence. What might be the sport’s absolute worst aspect, however, is shown case-in-point by this Saturday’s Nikolay Valuev-Evander […]


The Future Behind the Winged Wheel

While the Detroit Red Wings goaltending may look bleak at the moment, the future exudes excitement. The Wings brass will have the opportunity to observe their top goaltending prospect, Thomas McCollum, in the upcoming weeks against the best players in the world – outside the NHL – under the age of 20 at this year’s […]


Brett Hull, Dallas’ dying star

It’s not always good luck to wish upon a falling star. It seems the Dallas Stars have fallen and hit rock bottom. Sitting near the basement in the Western Conference in what has been nothing short of a disappointing season to date, followed by the recent Sean Avery media frenzy, how could things possibly go […]


All-Stars after two months

Things done changed folks. In most jobs, status doesn’t alter from month to month, the corporate executives stay in the office and those in the mail room, well, they stay in the mailroom. The NBA’s a little different. Players can rise from obscurity to superstardom in a mere 30 days, and adversely see their stocks […]