Born Ready: Lincoln High’s Lance Stephenson

Maybe you’ve heard of him, and maybe you haven’t, but if you’ve familiarized yourself with the AAU circuit, watched any high school all-star games lately or opened an issue of SLAM in the past four or five years then chances are pretty good that the name Lance Stephenson rings a bell. The Abraham Lincoln High […]

Other Sports

Blogletes: Volume 1

When I came across my RSS feed this week something occurred to me; the websites that I and millions of others flock to on a terribly obsessive basis are more than just collections of images and text on digital screens, rather, these time-stealing entertainment factories also play significant roles in our day-to-day lives with personalities […]

Hall of Fame

Exactly why the Maple Leafs are the bane of the NHL

Nearly 25 years ago, I was born in a corner of Northern Ontario far removed from the feverish commotion of the province’s south and even farther removed from any obligatory allegiance to the overwhelmingly divisive Toronto Maple Leafs. Having lived my life aware of but not particularly attached to the iconical franchise, it surprised me […]


What Major League Baseball needs to change

With another World Series in the books, baseball has a new set of controversies. Though the situation could have been handled in a better way, all in all, the right thing was done in making sure that the Series’ fifth and ultimately final game was played out in its entirety, even if a two-day rain […]


Why Joe Dumars can’t lose in the Iverson trade

Like many general managers in the association Joe Dumars is no stranger to controversy. The difference between Dumars however has been his ability to thrive on this controversy, to prove the critics wrong and above all, to win. Dating back to his playing days, Dumars has been engulfed by controversy as a member of the […]


Where did it all go wrong for Isiah?

If Isiah Thomas had chosen Hollywood for his career path over the NBA, he would never have been cast in the role of a gang leader. His boyish grin and diminutive frame made him more Gary Coleman than Al Pacino. However, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Thomas was indeed the leader of a […]


Phillies feel the brotherly love

With the Philadelphia Phanatic waving the banner on the mound at Citizens Park, it all became clear. The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champions. All year long, to many people, this Phillies team has always been talked about to make the playoffs but was never considered to come out as World Champions. Entering […]


The Man Behind the Dynasty

Who cares about Tom Brady? You shouldnt. Save for those whose fantasy seasons were ruined by taking Tom Terrific with their opening selections and watching in pain as he walked off the field for good in the seasons first week, the loss of Brady should not be too distressing for fans of the NFL and […]


How T.J. Ford plans to make a difference

On a summery day in the end of June, amidst a limitless flurry of rookie rumors and speculation, Canadian news broke that Toronto Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo had pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal that would see his club part ways with chronically under-used T.J. Ford in exchange for former MVP candidate-turned-injury prone […]


Tragic figure: Basketball without Len Bias

Len Bias had that swagger, you know what Im talking about, like the Fab Five, like MichaelĀ Jordan, that no-nonsense, I can do what I want, dress how I want, and be what I wanna be, because I am that good kind of swagger. The kind of shit you cant teach, that win at all costs […]