Where now for Vince Carter

Vince Carter has always been a wanted man. Though selected by the Golden State Warriors with the fifth pick in the 1998 Draft, the Toronto Raptors had already organized a pre-draft deal to bring him to Canada making it clear to him that he was the guy they were after. Still a new team on […]


The Climax

It was the year 2000. The location was Sydney, Australia. Gold was the prize. The story of these Olympics Games is different than most however. It doesnt revolve around medal counts, world records or national supremacy. The story of these games follows two basketball players. The first player was a last minute addition to an […]


The NFL cheat sheet: After one month

There’s a reason that the NFL is America’s most popular league: All you need to watch is one game a week. You can do whatever you want during the week, and then on Sunday, traditionally the day of rest, you sit back and watch a beautiful mesh of athletic grace and massive hits for three […]


Young and Restless: The story of John Tavares and his last OHL season

For over three long years, hockey fans have anticipated the arrival of a softspoken teenager from Oakville, Ontario, a kid once widely thought talented enough to challenge the NHL’s rigid age limit policy. And, for years, those fans had every reason to believe an exception for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft was all but guaranteed. […]


Changing of the Guard

They are fast, strong and athletic. They play above the rim in traffic, own passing lanes and can dominant with their backs to the basket, and although they may not look like John Stockton, make no mistake, these players are point guards in the truest sense. With the drafting of Derrick Rose first overall in […]


You couldn’t script a better year

The month of October gets its meaning from the Latin word “octo” meaning eight. In Major League Baseball, October has a whole different meaning, playoff baseball. This year had more storylines than I can remember any season having before and definitely solidified the fact that, even on the brink of a recession, the USAs favorite […]


Finally, old Yankee Stadium has met its match

With all the panic and general hullabaloo surrounding old Yankee Stadium’s impending destruction, it’s hard to detach one’s self from the emotional draw of the world famous venue – but then, eventually, you see it for yourself. For years The Big Ballpark in the Bronx has set the table from which baseball purists have dined, […]


Never send a human to do Josh Smith’s job

Josh Smith is a 22-year-old power forward with four years of NBA experience, a record-setting pace for blocks and enough highlight reel footage to start up his own multimedia empire, but ask the man himself what he really needs and discover nothing more than the feeling of being wanted. On Friday afternoon Smith signed a […]


Pro-bound Pietrangelo talks NHL draft

Alex Pietrangelo is a big guy, especially wearing skates, so the fact that the 18-year-old defensemen is being highly touted as one of the best linemen prospects in the NHL this season really comes as no surprise. Even less of a surprise, however, is the fact that Pietrangelo has proven himself to host a similar […]

Hall of Fame

Cabral Richards: Cabbie on the Net

You know exactly who I’m talking about, especially if you’re a sports fan and even more so if you’re Canadian – not to mention a fan of basketball, football, Canadian sport, hockey, national pride, baseball, humour, or quality television in general. After hitting the Home for the Hardcore as an intern back in the days […]