Boy Meets World: Why everything you think you know about Josh Smith is wrong

Lost somewhere in the accusations of Josh Smith’s inability to co-exist with a coach, stop shooting three pointers or provide any sort of valuable on-court contribution to a legitimate contender is the fact that he’s been the best player on one of the most surprising teams of the past half-decade. And he’s actually a really cool guy. Maybe give him a chance?


The Tank that Lost the Battle

The Toronto Raptors haven’t exactly put together a 2011-12 campaign for the ages, but that doesn’t mean it was all a wash. As the regular season draws to a close fans are left scratching their heads when the club competes for critical wins down the stretch. Any victories, of course, only reduce the franchise’s NBA Draft odds. Are late season wins harmful for lottery-bound teams? Spoiler alert: no.


The Yi-nsanity Continues

Is it better to have personally and emotionally invested in the prospective success of an unorthodoxly generational hero and lost than to have never done so at all? We take a good hard look at the cultural impact Yi Jianlian has had on the NBA this month. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.


Josh Hamilton: The God Who Couldn’t Rely on God

Josh Hamilton spoke solemnly about the recent setback on his road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction on Friday. One theme that has emerged over the course of his success has been a strong, public faith in religion. Does the 30-year-old former MVP not give himself enough credit for his success? We explore God’s role in 21st century sport.

Other Sports

End Game: When there’s nowhere to go but soccer practice

The snow-soaked streets of Hamilton, Ontario are miserable enough this time of year, colder still without the luxury of a consistent address to call home. Sadly, life on the streets – or the looming threat thereof – is a distinct reality for far too many. One organization, the local branch of Street Soccer Canada, has joined the fight, using the power of sport to heal a community.


From Anger to Apathy: How the NBA lost sight of big picture

The NBA lockout has been running on for months, but there’s been a surprising amount of apathy where the every day fan is concerned. Percentage points between millionaires and billionaires mean little to the Average Joe. Even if the league salvages a season, will anybody care?


Can Andrew Luck and Stanford balance on- and off-field success?

Andrew Luck has seen no shortage of attention – what with being the projected top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and all – but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been faced with the same questions and challenges the rest of his Stanford Cardinal team faces with regards to their success on the field. Is it possible for a college to balance both academic and athletic achievement for any legitimate period of time?


The swag that saved Toronto: Brett Lawrie’s reign

The allures of Major League Baseball are unlike those of other North American sports. Quite typically, the pace and tradition of the game work to its benefit, establishing within the sport a sense of timelessness thoroughly appreciated by anyone receptive to its subtleties and summer afternoon tranquility. On the other hand, its relative lack of […]


Polarizing Mat Latos finds balance in San Diego

Over the course of the past half decade, San Diego Padres starting pitcher Mat Latos has quietly become one of the most polarizing figures in baseball. Since and even prior to his selection in the 2006 MLB Draft, the hulking right-hander has drawn the ire of coaches, teammates and media alike with a personality generously described as brash. On the mound, […]


Shawn Kemp: The Cleveland Years

The narrative of Shawn Kemp’s life is familiar. The name alone instantly yields memories of substance abuse, grabbed crotches, punch lines of illegitimate children and the 1996 NBA Finals. One chapter that often gets lost among the confusion of the overwhelming tale, however, revolves around a three-year stint in which the dominating forward uncharacteristically donned […]