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Turning the Page on Wrestling’s Freak Show

Wyatt Family

Follow the buzzards. This oddly disturbing message comes to us by way of professional wrestling’s newest stable known as the Wyatt Family; more specifically, Bray Wyatt, the maniacal – or perhaps cerebral – Wyatt leader. I know what you’re thinking – this is the year 2013 and I’m not interested in pro wrestling. Believe me, I feel you. But just hang with me for a moment or two, you won’t be disappointed

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Masters in Futility: Toronto FC

Danny Dichio

Toronto sports fans know as well as anybody that not every team can be a winner. Within that population, however, there’s a select few who root passionately for a team that hasn’t even flirted with the notion. MLS is now seven years into it’s Ontario expansion and has yet to see a meaningful campaign played out at BMO field. What are we to expect in the future?

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Gender Equality in Sports Coverage

Candace Parker

There’s no such thing as gender equality in sports media. While that’s not exactly a big surprise, that doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. Mark Milner, with the help of Molly Arenburg, considers the difference between the two.

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Brazil setting sights on World Cup after Confederations Cup championship

As Brazil claimed a 3-0 victory in the Confederations Cup final over Spain, we witnessed more than just a changing of the guard in the 2014 World Cup hosts. Players like Neymar and Fred are adjusting nicely to the world stage as veterans like Cesar and captain Silva prepare to hand the reigns over to the youth. But still, does Brazil have what it takes to make history as the first nation to follow a Confed Cup title by claiming victory at the next World Cup?

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TSN Duo Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole Head South

In what could be described as one of the biggest Canadian defections in recent memory, TSN SportsCentre co-hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole will head south from their comfy northern confines to help launch the newly minted American sports channel, Fox 1. What does the move mean for the network? For Canadians? A lot more than you think.

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When the Routine Changes

Having been involved in the medical coverage of sporting events for some time, the process of packing a medical kit has become a less daunting task and more of a standardized process for TheGP contributor Doug Freeman. While these basic supplies might be all he typically ends up using, he eventually get around to including the equipment he associates with more life-threatening situations. Here he explains what goes through one’s head when the routine changes.

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The Boston Marathon: What went Wrong

The marathon is a celebration of Pheidippides, whom according to legend, was a messenger in the battle of Marathon, running from the battle all the way to Athens to tell the people that the Persians had been defeated. He then collapsed and died. The legendary run was thought to have been about 26.2 miles, which was adopted as the official marathon distance.

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The Boston Marathon: Healing with Sports

Sports are supposed to be fun. Sports are supposed to be an escape from the rest of the world. The Boston Marathon is supposed to be a celebration of human accomplishment. Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts is supposed to honor the brave men and women that fought to found this nation. On April 15, everything the day and the marathon were supposed to be became targets, just the same as the innocent men and women around the blast zone.

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NCAA: Through Scandal and Incompetence

An all-powerful body polices college sports. That body makes up and enforces rules at it’s own convenience. That body often refuses to accept that changing times require changing bylaws. That body holds itself to a completely different, lower standard than the young adults it profits from. Increasingly, that body operates as though it was devoid of a head, with limbs operating according to their own devices without central oversight. It’s time someone put that body out to pasture.

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The fall and rise of UFC

The history of the UFC has been a turbulent one. The sport’s fledging story began in 1993, and the difference between product offered then and that seen now is light night and day. Still, like any business, growing pains were necessary for the company to become the multi-million dollar empire it is, and much of that success is owed to one man: Dana White.